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Get Healthy, Fit and Lose Weight Easily In time for Christmas or Summer

Weight Loss Tips For Mums

Do you fancy getting healthy, fit and maybe a bit slimmer?

Without rubbish diets, fads, or boring exercise routines?

It’s totally possible, it’s just that it wouldn’t make good TV or newspaper articles or expensive weight loss regimes if everyone knew how!

I blogged all 2011 about losing weight.  Pre-children I struggled for years before I understood how easy it could be to lose weight and went from a size 18 to a 10.  By blogging about it post-children I motivated myself, shared it with everyone else and birthed a new book.

My first objective was to hit a healthy weight, which meant losing 1 stone, then to get fitter, which meant another 1/2 stone.  Then I decided to go for slimmer, which was a final 1/2 stone; it was just so that I felt more comfortable and didn’t bulge over my trousers etc.

By the way; I actually don’t think that weight makes us unattractive.  I strongly believe that we can all be beautiful, whatever size we are.

However, we are also Mums, and there is no doubt about the fact that if we are over weight it makes our daily lives more tiring and it will shorten our lives.  So I can’t bring myself to encourage a Mum to stay overweight.

At the same time, NO I DON’T JUDGE YOU FOR BEING OVERWEIGHT.  Of course I don’t.  I struggled with my weight for years because of my Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, and I didn’t lose it quickly after having kids either.

There is definitely a right time and a right place for losing weight.  If this is the time and place for you, then I’ve got a plan for you!!!!

If you have struggled it’s for two reasons:

  1. Lack of knowledge on how to do it.
  2. Not knowing how to get so motivated that it is easy
Well I can solve both of those really easily.

The Plan

So if you are up for it, here is the plan …..

1) Like my facebook page, so you can keep in touch.  Plus I’ve created a Facebook group because it’s always easier to do these things together: ‘Mummy Whisperers Easy Weight Loss’, so join this group.  Don’t worry if you are using other slimming plans or in other groups, I don’t require you to be faithful to only me ;o)


2) Read my tips: Weight Loss Tips and Healthy Eating For Rubbish cooks and eventually Exercise Tips


3) Watch my 15 minute video that explains why it seems that weight loss is tricky and how to make sure that you are so motivated to lose weight that it is easy.


4) Write your goal in the facebook group under the document ‘Whats your goal 2013’


5) Do the exercise I discussed in the video and wrote up in this blog post.


6) Use the group to update us on your progress, get a kick up the butt from people who understand, and ask questions.


7) Remember there are my other pages on getting more energy, and exercise tips.


Update January 2012:

Having become infuriated with the rubbish on the TV and in the media about how to lose weight, I’ve decided to write up all my information in a book ‘Get Healthy, Fit and Slim the Easy and Fun way’: It will be out soon, but in the meantime help yourself to all my blog posts and get a head start!


Update January 2013

I am now facing an additional challenge of trying to maintain weight having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and lose weight that I’ve put on due to the drugs from the doctors.  So I’ve been a little quiet on the facebook group and it has delayed me getting my book published.  But I will be BACK very soon!


Update March 2013

Right, the odds may be against me, but I’m ready to tackle this, who is with me?!!


19 thoughts on “Get Healthy, Fit and Lose Weight Easily In time for Christmas or Summer

  1. If you’re looking for some handy kit to carry your salads, breakfasts in whilst out and about on-the-go, and more tips and hints, then check out our Lunchbox World blog, website and shop.

    1. you might want to tailor your comments to be more specific to the subject matter caroline, rather than just plugging your blog ;o)

  2. I do hope that along with the goal to lose weight and get healthy that some of your readership focus more on body composition and get to understand their bodyfat levels and target losing that – it’s so easy to lose muscle mass as you lose weight and that means a slower metabolism and more weight gain when the latest diet fails. I’m also on a mission to encourage women to want strength – yes strength! Especially upper body strength – it’s so important for any mum and it’s important as we get older. Mobility depends on strength and that means we all need to aspire to be stronger – muscular strength doesn’t mean a bulging body builder style shape, does it does mean lean and toned and I think that’s what most people want. I totally underwrite your commitment to getting fit and healthy before New Year or at least, starting that journey!

  3. Hiya Mark,
    Yes, if you read my other blog posts, you would see that I give really balanced advice. However, it’s more about flexibility and core strength as a priority – check them out and let me know what you think.

  4. I’m in 🙂
    I have PCOS too and have struggled with my weight for years as a consequence. Losing the weight means I feel much better and suffer far less from the pcos-related problems. As a Mum I know how important it is to be as fit and healthy as I can be.
    As me I’m fed up to the back teeth of feeling crap basically. Few understands the pressures of trying to lose weight as a parent than a parent so I’ll be popping along on FB later

    (Brilliant weight loss by the way!)

  5. So glad you liked it Nicki – yep with my PCOS I also got IBS and Hyperglaeciamia (spelling wrong sorry!) so it makes a big difference to me too. In fact you’ve inspired me to write about that, because I thought it was all fixed until we went away for a few weeks and my eating was all up in the air – I didn’t realise I’ve been managing it with nutrition all this time!

  6. What a great idea. I recently lost 2 stone, but still need a bit of encouragement from time to time. A friend and I have started exercising together and that helps. It’s not easy losing weight in a country known for it’s fine food, but life’s full of challenges! Good luck everyone!

    1. Ahh at least you know your diet is likely to be inherently more healthy than these UK guys! See you in the Fb group!

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  8. I also struggle with this one. A friend and I, we text each other every Monday morning, its our version of weight watchers. The idea is we don’t have to say what we weigh, just how much we want to lose and then each week, how much we have lost. The commitment of telling another makes you work at it a little harder than if you are just trying to “be good” on your own. I also go running with another friend and join running races every now and then to make myself work a little harder. Don’t know if these tips help or not. I think juggle all of life makes keeping healthy that little bit harder! My running keeps me strong and fit, and texting my friend makes me think about what I eat!! A a single mum I feel it is important to stay healthy and fit for my boy, as he is relying on me!

    1. Perfect – I agree that sometimes it can be a bit humiliated at the groups (not that they are meaning for it to be like that at all) – I have a 73 yr old who stopped going to Slimming world because she used to get so upset about the weighing bit :o( Have you seen my blogs on running? It’s my secret weapon for weightless because I’m so bad at it! I’m about to blog about how to set up your own running group as well. It must be really difficult for you on your own to schedule it in, plus it must be difficult knowing how important it is for your son for you to remain healthy. Good luck and let me know if I can help in any way.

  9. I liked your tips on weight loss. I think Mark is correct about increasing strength as it will pay off in increased resting metabolic rate and provide long term functional gains as you age. One item that often gets overlooked is getting off your feet. Most people think of burning calories in terms of exercise but standing instead of sitting will burn calories. Choosing hobbies that require you to be off your feet and pacing while on the phone are small but real calorie burners. I have written a blog on it that I would be happy to post if there is any interest in it.

    1. That’s a brilliant way of describing it ‘fitinthemiddle’ – to think about your feet moving. Infact I decided to be a little less organised, and walk up and down the stairs more, at the start of my weight loss (I’m in a town house) and it worked brilliantly as a starter for my exercise! Plus I have my computer on my kitchen worktop where I stand, rather than on the kitchen table. Thanks for adding a comment, as well as a plug – I appreciate that.

  10. So many of us need the support of others to get fit, however large or small our goals are. It’s great that the internet can help encourage people to get fit rather than turn them into couch potatoes!! Thanks for linking up to the Love All Blogs Fitness Showcase this week! CX

  11. Such a great post! Very informative and helpful. the hardest part, for most people, is just getting started – you know, knowing what direction they should be heading in. Once you get started, in the right direction, losing weight is really not that difficult!

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