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Weight Loss Tips No2: Are you really up for it?

Weight Loss Tips For Mums

So are you really up for losing weight?  


If you are answering:

  • Because I should.
  • Because I keep complaining about it.
  • Because other people say I should.
  • Because I look fat.

Then to be honest you haven’t got much chance of losing weight and keeping it off.

If you are answering:

  • I’m not sure, but it seems like a good idea

Then I want you to go and get a cup of tea and a pen and paper (you must write this stuff down, because magic happens when you write) and make three lists for me.

  1. The People You Love (e.g. family, friends)
  2. What You Love Doing (e.g. playing with the kids)
  3. What You Love Getting (e.g. clothes, attention)


Now I want you to make another long, long, long, long list answering this question:


Why will getting HEALTHY, FIT and SLIMMER help all the people I love,

and help me with all the things I love to do or have?

If you write this list you are going to start to feel really motivated.

If you keep going after that you are going to get so enthusiastic that mountains couldn’t stop you from achieving it.

If you keep going even a little longer, you are going to suddenly feel it at your heart, and a couple of tears will appear in your eyes and you will KNOW without a certainty of a doubt why you are going to soon be feeling (most important) and looking fabulous.

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12 thoughts on “Weight Loss Tips No2: Are you really up for it?

  1. Mindset is the name of the game most often. If you are determined and focused on your goals, then like you said, mountains won’t even stand in your way. I tend to think like this sometimes to narrow down what it is that I am trying to achieve…

    What is it that I want to achieve?
    How am I going to get there?
    And – What is stopping me?

    1. Good questions! I talk about setting very specific goals in one of my other blog posts – you are right, it’s very important.

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