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Weight Loss Tips No12: Stalled in your progress?

Weight Loss Tips For Mums

It’s really normal to make great progress and then suddenly stall and stop for a while.  If this is where you are and you want a boost, then this is the post for you.

I did really well following my weight loss tips, and went from 12 stone or thereabouts to 10 stone 5lbs within a few months, which is a loss of 23lbs, and back into a healthy weight range.  But 6 months after starting I still have the remaining 5 lbs to lose.

I think it’s actually a good idea to stall for a while, because it feels like your body creates a new ‘top limit’ as to where it went up to.  So if I put on weight again I would expect to come back up to this weight, not the 12 stone.  But now I fancy sorting the final bit out.

Why Stall?

There are 3 likely reasons for my stalling.

  1. I reached my goal of getting fitter and healthier, but when I got my head in the game, I must not have focussed as much on the general sexiness and feeling good about myself.
  2. I’ve been lazy and enjoyed being able to eat biscuits every day.
  3. My program needs a boost.

Setting a New Goal

So, remember I said that it’s important to set SMART goals?  Mine is going to be …

  1. Specific: To focus on losing the remaining weight, which is mainly sitting on my tummy.
  2. Measurable: Lose 5lbs to 10 stone.  It probably won’t mean a change in dress size, although I do have a few size 12 tops, which will probably be too big by then.  I would expect to still be in size 12 trousers, just more comfortable (I’m naturally ‘hippy’ in shape or more nicely put, I’m curvy!).
  3. Achievable: It means cutting back on the daily biscuits, adding in more exercise (I was doing general Mum stuff and 45 mins Zumba) so I’ll add 2×30 minute runs as well, and cutting back to just 1 glass of wine per week (I don’t drink much, but was getting led astray by one of my lovely neighbours recently!).
  4. Realistic: At an average of 1 and a bit pounds per week this should be doable as there is plenty of unnecessary food to cut down on and exercise to add in.  My BMI is healthy now, and at 10stone there is still plenty of lee-way as the bottom limit for my age is 9 stone 3lbs.
  5. Timeable: by Sept 30th which is the finals of the MAD Blog Awards and in 4 weeks time.

Getting My Mindset Right

So, to get my head in the game, I’ve got to work out why it matters to me to be more than just fit and healthy.  This is tougher, as it does feel selfish to want to push it just that little further.  Ok, so I’m going to brainstorm a bit to show you how the ‘getting your head in the game’ exercise works; and if you have any more ideas, that would be really helpful …..

1) Practically 5lbs:

Well it’s amazing that I reckon that with mine and the big hairy northern one losing weight I have at least 1 less load of washing to do per week.  He reckons I’ll be easier to pick up, no idea why he’d be wanting to do that!  But it’s true that life would definitely be a bit easier if I wasn’t walking around with 5 bags of sugar ever day.

2) Change in size:

It’s likely I’d need some more tops.  I like the ones I bought when I first lost weight, but I have got a clearer idea of my ‘style’ now, so maybe a couple of them don’t suit me as much.  I then hit guilt at spending money, but maybe I could find a company that would like to sponsor me?  Realistically speaking the guilt is silly, as it wouldn’t be a total new wardrobe, and I do budget to spend some money per month on myself.  It just means that I know what I’m going to buy and they don’t have to bought all at once.  There’s no doubt that a couple of my size 12 trousers would be more comfortable with a little less drooping over the tops of them, which is something that I could enjoy every day.  Plus with winter coming, losing a few more pounds probably means that I can easily fit in spare layers of clothes and not feel really big or uncomfortable (I’m not a fan of the cold).

3) Psychological effects:

It would be a lovely boost to put my clothes on every day and feel good about them.  I don’t get a full nights sleep, so to have a pick me up in the mornings would really help to start each day with a swing.  I already feel great when I’m walking around after losing so much weight.  But to hit my target would be a HUGE achievement for me.  It would be proof that I’m not willing to settle with what’s OK for me, but am going for what I would really love to have.  Something that is a bit of a dream.  We do need a reminder about how fab we are, especially if you are the kind of person like me who likes a pat on the head.  So this could be my own way of patting myself on the head, which sounds like a good plan.

4) Food change:

Sugar and me don’t mix well as in my twenties I got IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), and Hyperglycaemia.  They tend to go hand in hand with PCOS (Poly cystic ovarian syndrome), and I got them in spades.  I didn’t realise how much I automatically handle my diet and sugar levels, until it got taken out of my control with a trip to Cyprus and The Just So Festival.  So to stop the daily biscuit would be a good plan, and I’d be bound to feel better with less sugar ups and downs.

5) Additional exercise:

I’ve really enjoyed doing the Zumba on the Xbox kinect.  But going for a run (I’m a rubbish runner, so it’s my form of ‘cheating’ and giving my system a jolly good kick up the butt) and is lovely because it gives me 30 minutes ALL TO MYSELF; what a luxury.  There’s no doubt that emotionally I’m in a better state to handle the daily arrrghhhhs of being a Mum after a little time to myself, and I love the fact that I’m being efficient by getting fit and getting time to myself.  It also is a great facial, so I’m saving money by not paying for a face mask or facial (not that I do, but heh, it’s still a benefit).

6) The goal date:

As part of the MADsBlog Awards TK Maxx has invited me to London to be styled; How exciting!  They will want to take photos on the evening, so I could get a good photo of myself.  Plus, if I win, then I’ll look fab for my acceptance speech, and if I lose, at least I’ll look fabulous!  A month later I’ll be publishing my book ‘The Mummy Whisperers Six Week Handbook To A Sparkling You’, at which point it would probably be a good plan if I was looking really sparkling heh?

7) Rewards:

Having TK Maxx style me will be a great reward as well.  I can see the difference in photos, but I do feel that I look a little heavy around the middle side on, so I’d be much more likely to actually think the photo is OK.  Talking of which I must update my avatar photos soon, as I must be looking quite a lot different that I was last September.  So all in all the rewards are about feeling good about myself.  Is that self-centred?  Maybe a little, but it’s not like I’m very high maintenance, plus by being even healthier and having that pick me up every day, I should be much more fun for the kids and less grumpy with the big hairy northern one; sounds like winner.

Ok I’m feeling much more up for it now, and have managed a whole day with only 1 biscuit!  Hmmm, might need to do a little more in order to cut them out totally, off for another think!

6 thoughts on “Weight Loss Tips No12: Stalled in your progress?

    1. Oooh good luck Michelle – let me know if you need any help keeping going! I’ll see you there looking fabulous!

  1. I have been dieting, to lower my blood pressure, by losing weight. I lost 22 pounds, and did get my blood pressure down, but my weight loss stalled for 6 weeks.

    1. That’s great Ben, well done you!
      Don’t get disheartened – think of this as you setting your body a new bench mark that it won’t go over again. Now the weather is improving it’s time to take another shot at it.
      Make sure you go and check out all the pages listed under Books> Healthy Fit and Slim. In particular double check that your hydration is correct, your eating is healthy & well proportioned, that you are doing the ‘right’ exercise for weight loss (Rather than bulk building), and that you have got your mindset right.
      Any questions, feel free to ask!

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