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Weight Loss Tips No13: Rewards for losing weight and hitting your goals

Weight Loss Tips For Mums


I was thinking about rewards for losing weight and hitting goals last week.  It’s important to be balanced in life: to give and to receive in equal measure.  So it would be a fair deal to give yourself or your body something in return for doing a good job.  After all, wouldn’t you be upset if you kept giving and giving and putting in some hard work, if you didn’t get a reward?

I think that although initially I had lots of rewards, what with new clothes etc, I might have lapsed into expecting my body to just lose the remaining pounds with little or no thank you’s.  I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I was a bit stalled.  I talked through re-motivating myself,  plus I know I will feel more comfortable when I lose the remaining 6lbs, and I ended up more enthusiastic about the exercise.  But there was something a bit off and I reckon it was the lack of reward

What have you rewarded yourself with for losing weight?  Or what are you planning on rewarding yourself with?  Any ideas are very welcome, so that we can share tips!

So what could I reward my body with and what could I reward myself with for making the effort?  Have you thought about yourself?

  • I have been really good about moisturising; mainly because I didn’t want my tan to fade.
  • But I do like having a bath every now and again, especially in Epsom Salts; and I haven’t done that in ages
  • Generally, I’m sure my body actually likes the running because of the freedom and silence, plus the dancing because I feel sexier.
  • But I could actually Reiki it myself more, and I was having a monthly massage up until the last 4 months or so, which definitely helps it to feel stronger, so I could add that back in.
  • I also stopped taking my supplements, so I’m starting again with the winter coming and added Magnesium as at particular times of the month I am desperate for good quality dark chocolate.
  • OOOOH thought of one.  I could reward myself by paying for a cleaner.  TBH the hubby doesn’t mind paying for a cleaner, it’s just my guilt that sometimes gets in the way because I don’t earn tonnes.  But if we start having a cleaner again it gives me all those extra hours.
  • I’d love a family photo done properly; that would be a good reward and good goal
  • I quite fancy a little detox, not a major one, just 3 days of no tea, no sugar, no biscuits, and no wheat (bread/pasta).  That might give my body a nice kick start.
  • In that time I save by not cleaning, I could earn enough money to pay someone to do the formatting of my book for me; it’s really not inspiring me to have to do it myself.
Aha got it!  My exercise kit is a bit rubbish.  When I got out the bra tops, they were all crackly; they were that old!  If I’m going to keep exercising now that school restarts, I’m probably going to have to turn up at school at drop off or pick up in my exercise kit.  I remember the last time I went to a gym class in the last 6 months (and only time), and I must admit that looking at myself in a mirror didn’t really make me feel bouncy.  But I’m sure there is all sorts of kit that would look a lot better than my ill fitting old stuff.  This will definitely work as a reward.  I’ll let you know the results!

Once I’ve done this, I might need a reward for maintaining the weight for 6 months and then to get me to focus on toning whats left.  But one thing at a time!

Are you stalled and don’t feel like you have rewarded yourself?  Comment here and commit to rewarding yourself for your success.

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2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Tips No13: Rewards for losing weight and hitting your goals

  1. Mines new underwear..i’m 1lb off losing 2st now. The underwear is both a treat and essential tbh! Am now loving the exercise too..something which I never thought possible! I have my eye on a new gym mat and a new DVD once I lose that next lb. only another few stone to go! x

    1. Oh yes, I’m a big fan of underwear! Well done you, that’s brilliant. It’s amazing how different ‘exercise’ is in the real world, in comparison to not being sporty or interesting at school.

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