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Exercise Tips: Why It’s Great If You Are A Rubbish Runner

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Having been tricked into a competition to see if I could lick my elbow by the cruel MADs Blog Awards organiser Sally Whittle (check it out, because you can get a ticket to the awards ceremony or a goodie bag if you pick how many people managed the challenge), she cruelly described me thus …

“Lisa, from the Mummy Whisperer, has failed to submit any moments of athletic glory. Draw your own conclusions from this!”

Sadly, it’s true.  My athletic qualifications were always a bit rubbish.  Apparently I was a natural hurdler, but much to my PE teachers sadness it appeared I couldn’t do the running bit in between.  I also had pretty awful hand to eye co-ordination, and only won a game of tennis by my extra-ordinary serve which had my opponents in fits of laughter.  This tended to result in me presenting a confused father with a pile of academic results, and have him look at me rather bemused and say ‘yes, but it’s a shame you can’t run’.  I was a geek, there is no doubt about it, and managed to bring in more qualifications than all three of my brothers put together.  For years I thought that this meant that I shouldn’t run.

But now I realise that there is good news in this!  Because that means that running is my secret weapon when it comes to weight loss.  I’m that rubbish at it, that it is really hard for me to do.  So a 30 minute run (anyone can work up to that, I promise you), is like 3hrs of exercise for normal people.  It’s quick, it’s fast, and it’s perfect for shedding the last extra pounds or maintaining my weight despite lots of biscuit eating.  In fact you can tell how bad a runner I am, when you check out the seriously embarrassing video that Sally is going to post, as it is at least 30 minutes after I’d finished and I’m still an attractive shade of beetroot in it.

So if you are a rubbish runner, take pride in it, and remember it is your secret weapon in the battle to stay healthy, fit and trim!  I’m going to give some tips on running for rubbish runners next week, so stay tuned!

(WARNING: Please don’t run until you are a healthy weight, because otherwise you will damage your body; walk first instead.  Use it as something that you throw into your fitness regime when it starts to stall and stop getting results).

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