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#DoSomethingYummy – Eat Cake!


Today I had a huge pile of Mummy bloggers at my house and here is the massive pile of cake we had (in fact there was more, but I missed off some lovely biscuits!)


This is the advantage of living in St Albans; the Mummy Blogging capital of the world.  Lots of bloggers and lots of cake!  I think that we can potentially look a little scary when we go to an event together, but we are really very friendly – after all everyone who eats cake must be friendly!

I know that they wanted a look at each others blogs, and thought you might want to know who else hangs out around me.  So here is the list of cake eaters …

  1. Helen Redding – Crumbs and Pegs – who feels she is a newbie; I can remember what that feels like, I still feel like that myself sometimes!
  2. Annie Robb – Just Annie QPR – who brought eggs and will be my children’s heroine this weekend as they love eggs for breakfast and are loving make easter decorations.
  3. Renatka Behan – Fabulicious Food – who made the big chocolate cake and cupcakes; all I can say is yum!
  4. Penny Carr – Mrs C – the lovely Penny, always so humble about her blogs success
  5. Clare Rudd – The Veggie Experience – poor lass had to sit on a wooden step with no complaint
  6. Helen Wills – Actually Mummy –
  7. Chrissie – Mediocre Mum – so pleased to see her since her husbands accident and hear that all is OK
  8. Heidi Roberts – Kitchen Talk – brought warm banana bread, much to Chrissie’s delight
  9. Mirka – All Baby Advice – the memorable Mirka who managed to not give birth while there – phew!
  10. Me – who eats cake, and has a rubbish memory!

I admit to having help – the lovely Nanny Bets came over to keep an eye on the kids, so that we might get a chance to finish the odd sentence.  Plus the big hairy northern one sorted the crumb mountain which pretty much went from the front to the back door by the end of the morning.  He is actually going back to work next Tuesday, so I thought I should make the most of him; hope this is a confidence boost for any of you looking for jobs at the moment.  (BTW I’m just a bit behind, there will be more blogs about coping with redundancy coming soon).


I’ve written this post for #DoSomethingYummy #EatCake for the charity Clic Sargent (an amazing charity for families dealing with a child who has cancer).  I’ve been supporting it for the last 4 weeks with my blog posts:

Surviving Mental Health for #DoSomethingYummy – my first honest account of 3 problems I’ve experienced

#DoSomethingYummy for Half Term and Two Year Old Birthdays – guaranteed to make you smile!

#DoSomethingYummy: A Warning from my childhood: The Cinderella Complex – a serious discussion about how ‘the one’ and expecting to be able to rely on a prince, can have dangerous effects.

#DoSomethingYummy: Can you love two children the same: How I found it different but the same loving two children

If you would like to get involved then Yummy Mummy Week is from 10-18th March 2012. It is a week long fundraising event where mums are being asked to get together with friends and family and ‘do something yummy’ for CLIC Sargent.  If you would like to run an event to support the week go to and sign up for a fundraising pack.

17 thoughts on “#DoSomethingYummy – Eat Cake!

  1. Yummy Yummy! I am so jealous of being out of the Mummy Blogger Capital of the UK – though I suspect Reading and Bristol could give you ladies a run for your money!

    Looks like you had a super yummy time you lucky ladies – and thank you for supporting and linking up my dear!

    1. I bet we beat you hands down lovely as we only had about 1/3rd of the bloggers here! Mind you I’ve lived near reading and am originally from Bristol, so they are obviously fab places too ;o)
      Wish I could meet up for your mummy blogger get together in bristol – I love to go back once a year as I still miss it sometimes.

    1. And your’s lovely – but I couldn’t comment to say so because you don’t have the option of email and web address for comments :o(

  2. Thank you so much, Lisa for hosting us in your beautiful home. I think we all enjoyed the get together and a good old mummy chinwag. Great to have all the links here, as Mirka says, to go exploring. See you again soon. Ren xxx

  3. Thank you for hosting us yesterday Lisa, and thank you to all the St Albans bloggers who brought along such yummy cakes! The waistline is growing at quite a rate…

  4. Hi

    I’m enjoying your blog. I’m a new hertfordshire mummy blogger so just wanting to say hello to fellow bloggers in the area!

    1. OOOH HELLO @Emma – lovely to meet another hertfordshire mummy blogger. Are you on twitter and Facebook? I can add you to a fb group for herts/beds bloggers if you like so that you can meet loads more of us!

  5. Hi MummyWhisperer. I am on twitter as @hertsmummy1 and facebook as Hertfordshire Mummy. It would be great if I could join the fb group for herts/beds bloggers. I love your blog by the way – you must have worked very hard on it. I’m new to blogging and loving it – but realising it takes a lot of commitment!

  6. New to the St Albans area, would love to get involved in a get together… used to run a cake shop in Surrey but moved with my husband for his work. Might have to hold a tasting day for your next ladies blogger meet up

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