I’ve written a lot about how to get more energy and deal with exhaustion.  But I thought it might be an idea to write my favourite top 10 tips for dragging myself back from the brink in double quick time.  I’d recommend bookmarking it for ‘times of trouble’ or just before the holiday season when you need a quick perk up in order to survive the holidays and enjoy them.


I did wonder whether the fact that I have to do this means that I’m doing something wrong?  Then I decided it’s all just a fact of life when you have two young kids, not much sleep and are trying to work from home.  Anyway, I don’t have enough energy to feel guilty about not having enough energy; that crazy circle will just keep going on and on and on.


So in order of priority (and I don’t do them all, it just depends on why I’m tired as to which one I do).


1) Floradix – this is a liquid iron and mineral supplement, great for tired Mums, especially if you are breastfeeding

2) Epsom salts bath – get a big bag from a health food shop for about £5 and put 2 cups in the bath.  Then soak for 20mins.  It still works if the kids are in with you, it just isn’t as restful!

3) Blueberries – magic little blue balls, no idea how they do it, but they work a treat

4) Music – the perfect fast pick me up when I have something I’ve got to do

5) One step at a time – when I’m shattered and it’s the end/beginning of the day I just start with one thing first and take it slowly one step at a time.  I aim to get the priorities sorted i.e. food cooked, cleared up, kids clean and in bed and ignore everything else.  It’s a bit like the blue fish Dory on ‘Finding memo’ who says “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”

6) Walk – If I can get 20 mins to go for a walk outside on my own it really helps me.  I suppose it might be because I’m half tree hugger, but I’m pretty sure it works for everyone.

7) Massage/reflexology – I find reflexology is amazing when I’m at the end of my tether and very reasonable with a local Mum

8) Hour to myself to go out – oh the bliss to go out, ALONE, to pootle and not have anyone need me for 60 minutes.

9) Write down the rubbish out of my head – If I’m also worried/stressed I get a notebook and write all the rubbish out of my head.

10) Count my blessings – Then I try to look at what I have got and can be grateful for, which really helps

So there they are, my top emergency tips for Mums who need energy ASAP.
Do you have any to share?
Need some more?  Check out the rest of my tips on getting more energy, or eating more healthily.  I’ve got a post coming up about sleep deprivation in the next couple of weeks as well.
(No one paid me for the mentions by the way)


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  1. Just come back to this – walk around outside is such a help, getting away from the desk and a breath of fresh air can make a massive difference

    And a good reminder to get floridax – have you come across Sambucol which is great for helping avoid winter nasties?

    1. You’re so right @muddlingalong … the fact that I can now walk to school helps a bit (as long as I’m organised enough to be ready in time!). I’ve heard of Sambucol in passing, will investigate more, thank you!

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