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The Perfect Tent For First Timers and Family Festival Goers

Glamping an Vango Tent

Ok I admit it, the Big hairy northern one was right!

It might not happen often, but his tendency to want to spend the spangdoolies was correct this time.

A few weeks ago he had a big panic about our tent and said he wanted to go back and look at the Vango Airbeam; basically a tent that blows up in 5 minutes.

Although it was to be our first time camping, I was pretty sure that it was going to be something that I would want to do again, so I agreed on the proviso that he got a smallish one and off he happily went to buy one.

It was such a good plan.  We had picked the worst weekend ever to try our first attempt at camping at our first attempt at a music festival, so there was no panic on getting the tent up in the rain as it literally does go up in 5 mins!  Plus we made a fast exit on the sunday due to the potential for getting ‘mudded’ in and the packing up took long enough; if we had added another 1.5hrs on top of that it would have been a nightmare.

Here is the video of him putting it up for only the second time; pretty cool heh!



This tent has two sleeping compartments, but we took down the separator as it was easier to just all sleep together.  There was plenty of room for the beds and our bags with clothes in them.

I would say that for a family of 4 it’s an OK size, unless you have loads of stuff like tables and chairs that have to fit in as well due to it raining outside.  So we are investing in a porch, ground sheet and also carpet for the section next to the bed rooms.  But if you are travelling a little lighter than we were it would be perfect for a short camping trip or a festival.

It also handled the rain and mud with no problem and no leaks.



Side View Of Vango Airbeam

The reason I hadn’t been keen initially is because I wanted somewhere to sit outside or feel like you were sitting outside and because it angles outwards it doesn’t give that feeling.  However we found that with two extra poles we could put the front door up and make a little place to sit under, which would be great in normal or slightly damp evenings (not when pissing down though!).

The only other problem is because of this angling outwards for all the doors (front and side), you have to quickly shut them if it rains, as obviously otherwise the floor gets wet.


Glamping an Vango Tent


One downside for me is that it’s also a disgusting colour; why oh why do tent makers think that we want to have a yukky green tent?  Adding bunting and some fairy lights did help though!

It’s quite expensive, you can definitely get a cheaper tent.  But it’s the same price as we would have spent on one yurt, and with this tent we are going to two festivals, and I’m definitely planning on going full on camping in it as well. (It was the Kinetic 500 which could sleep 5 (£600), but they do have bigger and smaller versions).


Have you had any tent nightmares you’d like to share or got a fab tent you would like to let everyone know about?


Disclosure: No one paid me or gave me anything for this review (but I’m always open to offers ;o) 

7 thoughts on “The Perfect Tent For First Timers and Family Festival Goers

  1. We have the Quechua Base Seconds 4.2, which is a pop up tent, but large enough for the family – 2 sleeping pods and a living area. It’s up in minutes, but being pop-up it can take a while and needs 2 people to put it down. We also bought a porch and carpet for just outside the front. It means there is somewhere to leave muddy boots where they don’t get wet! Yours looks good too though

    1. @actuallymummy can’t wait to find out how your camping trip goes – good luck lovely, I’m sure you’ll really enjoy it!

  2. A few years ago we bought a big tent for our growing family. I don’t remember the name but suffice to say it was from an ebay shop… We took it to France, arrived at the campsite at night, under a pouring rain. We took the tent out, trying to unstuck the different layers from each other…!! DH started putting it up while I kept the children entertained in the car. While he was putting up the bedroom water started to come through into the living area. After he’d finished and we finally allowed the children inside it became clear that the bedroom would quickly turn into, if not a swimming pool, at least a paddling pool… Fortunately we were only miles away from my parents’ house, to where we fled. The sun was shining the next morning and we went to see our tent, which was indeed full of water and had been half blown to the ground by the wind… (we didn’t camp at all that year, in the end)
    This year we’ve bought two Quechuas, a 1 bedroom 4 berth and a 2 bedrooms 2X2 berth with a decent living area. Test drive August bank holiday !

    1. Oh no @mothergoutte what a nightmare – you are a very brave woman to be trying it again. Good luck, it looks like the weather is atlast lifting!!!! Do come back and let us know how that Quechuas tent works!

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