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How to go on holidays with more than two children and not pay a fortune

Omaha Beach in Normandy
Omaha Beach in Normandy
Omaha Beach

No one warns people when they have more than two children that suddenly there will be huge problems with holidays.

A couple of years ago we went to Cyrpus in one of those studio apart-hotels.  We met a lovely family with 3 children.  They could easily have fitted into the studio, but that was against the rules, so they had to rent two, live in one, and could only afford one week because of the extra cost.

I know, I know, some of you will be all like ‘well they decided to have 3,4 or 5 kids’.  Yes, I know, but some people are really brave/good at the whole kids thing.  Or they make mistakes.  Whatever reason, they need holidays more than the rest of us less brave 1 or 2 children families!

I know that you can rent a villa, but that doesn’t really work for me as there is no entertainment and my kids want other kids to play with.

I remember trying to google for affordable holidays for families and getting totally mind boggled with all the options that didn’t really seem to make it easy for a family.

But I have a solution if you are looking for one ….


A holiday in a luxury mobile home with Siblu in France

These guys are the perfect solution and luckily I can speak from personal experience because they sent my family and I off to review them last year.

Ferries are much easier than planes for a large family to keep their eyes on everyone.

Plus you get all the ‘normal’ facilities like kids clubs, pools, beaches (some are right on the beach, for some there is a drive) and entertainment.

The only difference is that you aren’t in an actual hotel or apartment, but spread out a little more with your own little site and caravan.

You can go for an active holiday in Normandy with a short drive like we did, or drive a few hours further south for a hot holiday.

And they don’t charge you ridiculous amounts because you happen to have an extra child, in fact you just pay for the van which can house up to 6 or 8 people.  (If you can afford it, go for one with a big terrace, I think it really helps with children).

A holiday for 2 weeks, including the ferry trip would have set us back LESS than Butlins or Center Parcs last year, and although it was cheap it wasn’t tacky and horrid at all; which was my big fear.

I think that they are a fabulous option for families in these recession hit times, and once tried they will realise that there is no reason to go back to the more expensive holidays they used to have.


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Disclosure: The lovely Siblu people are sending me off to Britmums this year, which I am extremely grateful for.  So they did ask that I write a couple of posts about them in return.  Seems only fair, and luckily not difficult to do as we had such a lovely time there. 




20 thoughts on “How to go on holidays with more than two children and not pay a fortune

  1. Sounds lovely! I have 3, and the eldest is 16 which means she counts as an adult for lots of holidays- we always opt for caravans/chalets with a person limit as is only way we can afford to all go away together. See you at Britmums 🙂

    1. That’s a bit harsh isn’t it @sonya, 16 isn’t legally adult after all. Yep, looking forward to it this year, got some fab speakers!

  2. We always have this problem with holidays, we have 4 kids and always have to get two rooms and sleep in one each with two kids. It’s not exactly romantic! I do like the idea of mobile home holidays and I’m sure the kids would love it too. All I need to do is persuade DH!

    1. Kids love tents, caravans and motorhomes I’ve come to understand @Jacq, and just that little fact makes our lives sooooooooo much easier. Maybe that’s enough to persuade the DH!

  3. This is so true, you definitely take it for granted when you are single and have no kids. I love going on holiday with my husband and kids, but it can cost a fortune!

    1. I know @Marie, I remember being able to go on a hot holiday for a few hundred quid … gone are those days heh!

  4. I agree Marie, I use to go on a couple of holidays a year when i had no children, Now i have to plan so much in advance like holidays, work and the cost of course.

    1. Yep spontaneity and kids don’t really go hand in hand when it comes to jetting off on holiday @grace :o(

  5. Thanks for sharing this! We love to plan ahead of time especially when the holidays are fast approaching. Having a vacation with the whole fam can be very frustrating because of the expenses, the things you have to bring/ buy, but when you arrive at your destination, everything will change. You just feel happy and thankful that you got to spend the holidays with your family, I guess nothing beats the bonding of your family.

    1. Holiday can definitely be a great bonding time @Naoemi, although they also get called ‘hellidays’ too ;o)

  6. I love these sort of holidays. I met my husband just before he went to work for one of these companies, at a site in Brittany, so we spent our 2nd and 3rd dates there! The parks are often a lot more laidback than British ones (which I also enjoy, I have to admit), and the onsite restaurants are often very good! We are booked into a British site for this SUmmer, I am a sucker for North Yorkshire’s charms but hubby is a massive francophile. I have told him next year, maybe!

    1. I bet hubby is an expert at choosing the right spots then @Olivia! I’m with your husband on that … heat every time!

    1. They are fab aren’t they @actuallymummy, I think that the one you went too down south is probably the best.

  7. Great post. And from our own experience, even the big ones don’t need to be expensive. I went with my wife and 4 kids (aged between 2 and 9 at the time, the youngest in nappies) around Latin America for 6 months, and including flights, it was really cheaper than being home (admittedly home is London suburbs, but still it did astound us). I won’t point to our blog about it, as that’s not why I’m writing here, but really if anyone is thinking of a BIG trip, deciding to do it is the biggest step. The rest just follows.

    1. Thank you @iyasrtd – freak rivet looks like a wonderful site. We did consider travelling when hubby was made redundant, but we’ve decided to concentrate on some things at home (probably a lucky thing with me then getting diagnosed with Fibromyalgia) – but maybe we’ll make it one day ;o)

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