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How To Earn 2-5kpm

I know how it feels – you are great AT your business as a coach / healer.

But for some reason, you aren’t attracting enough clients and that is making you wonder if actually you aren’t as good as you think?

I’ve got the answer for you – it’s because you are great at your business, but not great AT BUSINESS.

Also, there are a lot of misleading ideas out there – you need a different strategy to get to 2k and then 5k, before you can hit the ever popular ’10k months’. So the strategies that a lot of business coaches suggest, won’t actually work for you.

Plus of course, you need to earn some money, before you can actually afford to pay someone to help you, so you are attending every free course under the sun, that is taking ages and very fragmented.

So I’ve created, exactly what you need – a free 3 day training on how to earn 2-5kpm!

I ran it in March, and I’ll run it live again in May with extra treats!

But in the meantime, it is available to you whenever you need it, in my facebook group ‘Mum Your Own Business’, so come and join in – people are already getting extraordinary results.

It takes you through all the Business model options, Marketing strategies and Social Media shizzle you need to get there – ALL OF IT!

Plus, I do weekly free training in there – so all you have to do is ask, and I’ll be there to help!

I love hearing what people think about my posts!