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Self Love Tips For Mums – Part 1

Us Mums are prone to comparisons, lack of confidence and not taking care of ourselves.

Not all of us, and depending on who we are, it is at different levels in difference parts of our lives – but I reckon the majority of us are not showing ourselves as much self-love as we could do with.

So I’ve decided to take on a 30 day challenge to helps us all (including me!) appreciate ourselves more.

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Day 1: Why it’s so powerful

Self-love is key to happiness & health – honestly, if you want to make any changes at all, start with self-love and go from there.  

Plus it is the best protection against Narcisists, haters, trolls and tough challenges.

Day 2: Treat your body like your new best friend

Our bodies are not always what we would ‘choose’ – mine certainly challenges me.

But treating it as my best friend, means I take better care of it and in return it supports me when I need strength.

Getting frustrated just makes it worse!

What about you?


Treat your body like your BFF ? love this song by @meg.hargraves #selflovetips4mums #tiktokmums #bodypositivitychallenge #learnontiktok

? my beautiful body – megs!??

Day 3: We All Need Time To Ourselves Sometimes

This is one I often need as an empath, but judge myself on – the need to hide away sometimes or have time to myself.

But it’s perfectly reasonable that we need this in order to recharge our batteries.

Plus accepting what we need is really important ?

Day 4 Take a pause

I know, I know – you are busy and rushing around. There’s no time!

But rushing can create more problems.

  • Stop for a moment.
  • Take a breath.
  • Then move on.

Especially if you have to do something yukky, like I did today – it helps you to put a full stop on that, before you move onto the next thing.


Day 5 Protect Your Skin

Looking after and protecting our skin is important.

Every morning pop on a tinted moisturiser with an SPF – it protects against skin damage AND helps us look more fabulous – result!

Day 6: Stop Comparing How You Look

We all look different and all have our pros and cons – but if you compare how you look, you’ll make yourself crazy!

I firmly believe we look the way we are meant to look – and it’s looking that way that created out babies – so how can we criticise that?

I’d like to look like an elf – all mysterious & ethereal – but I look more like a hobbit – all curly haired & pink cheeked – it is who I am ???

Appreciate yourself more ?

Day 7 Stop Fighting Who You Really Are

A chilled vibe for you today … remember not to fight who you are.

I’m not suggesting you ignore your responsibilities.

But we can’t be who we aren’t and you won’t be truly happy or live to your fullest potential if you are trying to be someone you aren’t.


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The more you love yourself, the better the world will treat you and the more resilient you will be. Ironically it will even help with the kids!

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