Beware Desperation and Busyness!

Desperation and Busyness lead to Ridiculousness and Lack Of Discernment! You see small business owners all the time falling prey to being too busy to be sensible or so desperate to get new clients that they make bad decisions: – Promoting their business in inappropriate places – Stalking their competitors – Following strategies that expensive ‘Gurus’ tell them – Spending […]

How to start your own business?

Wow it’s been a while! ¬†Sorry about that – this business malarky is taking up a lot of my time. ¬†But as I’m popping back in to speak to Danny Smith on his Drivetime show for Radio Verulam, I thought ‘maybe I should start blogging about what I’m doing’? I saw a mum on Facebook the other day asking for […]