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Beware Desperation and Busyness!

Desperation and Busyness lead to Ridiculousness and Lack Of Discernment!

You see small business owners all the time falling prey to being too busy to be sensible or so desperate to get new clients that they make bad decisions:

– Promoting their business in inappropriate places
– Stalking their competitors
– Following strategies that expensive ‘Gurus’ tell them
– Spending thousands they don’t have on programs
– Running round like headless chickens, but not getting the basics right
– Copying other companies products or services
– Following strategies their network marketing team leader taught them that are manipulative and give it a bad reputation

Frankly about 90% of small business owners have fallen prey to one or other of these at some point (I’ve seen all 6 over the last few weeks) – so show them compassion and try not to take it personally. ?

You might have to have clear boundaries if they have misbehaved in your area, but honestly, don’t take it too personally or judge them too harshly.?

And beware it – we’ve all been there!

So when considering an action, consider ….

  • Am I sharing from the heart?
  • Can I afford this?
  • Do I only want to buy this for fear of missing out?
  • Am I falling prey to ‘shiny’ new system/strategy/course syndrome?
  • Am I undervaluing what I can do already?
  • Would I behave like this in real life (vs online)?
  • Is this wise?

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