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Sharing From The Heart With No Strings

Wether it’s with the kids, friends or EVEN YOUR BUSINESS – there is a degree of sharing that is so important to do, from the heart, with no strings attached.?

We invest in our kids – after school clubs, clothes, food, time etc. And whilst we might teach them to be grateful for what they have and to take care of their belongings. We also need to step back and let them make of it what they will – maybe the money you spent on Karate will become something they then continue for life, maybe it won’t, but that’s not our job to say.

In business I’m strong on sharing tips, my free group, free courses, free healing completely with no strings attached. I’ll mention other options to work deeper with me, but I would be happy for someone to accept free healing from me EVERY week (please do – mondays!) without ever buying a single thing from me.

Don’t make it a burden – that’s the key!

Don’t spend so much on your kids education that it means you will have an expectation on what they do with it afterwards.

Don’t give to your online community so much, that you are expecting them to engage, or buy something from you.

Don’t make your free gift so big that it is detrimental to you to give it freely.

Because I promise you they can feel it – and it feels yucky ?

I’ve been there – wondering why people in my groups didn’t engage – expectation & strings! ?

Wondering why people I did things for, didn’t seem to appreciate it or reciprocate – expectation & strings! ?

Wondering why people didn’t want my free gifts on my site – expectation and strings ?

I hear coaches all the time, upset that people didn’t pick up their free offer – but WHY SHOULD THEY? They are busy and it just didn’t float their boats. It doesn’t mean you should beat yourself up for it – it means you need to look at it and adjust. But they are NOT beholden to take it. EVEN IF YOU KNOW THEY NEED IT ?

It’s tough I know – but the more you become aware of the strings, the more you will be able to cut them.

And then ironically, the more people will take you up on your offers and things will work out – maybe not ‘to plan’ – but they will work out! ?


This is a tip I shared more in-depth, in my Business Booster course today in the Business Clinic.

I so understand the frustration of creating great free gifts or having free groups but seeming to get no engagement or interest.

The key was to learn to share with no expectation of results.
I’ve also found that setting goals, but then taking intuitive actions instead of actions linked to those goals is massively helpful.

I’ve had loads of people ask to join my Business Booster program today (it’s the last free run). Originally I was just going to leave the material in there for free next week for people to catch up. But that means the new people will only get a practical boost and no energetic boost. So I’m going to extend the energetic part of the program into next week.

So if you would love a business health check, lots of practical and technical tips on bringing in new clients or managing to do’s, or considering creating online programs. Then feel free to pop in – you are all welcome – no strings attached ??

Business Booster with Mummy Whisperer

If you are reading this after December 1st 2019, never fear!  I will be running the Business Booster every 4-6 times a year, and although it’s not free, it is only £29 for lifetime access, which is a steal (and it is meant to be, as if you feel the need for a boost, you probably can’t invest and shouldn’t invest a lot, until you’ve got some results).

You can message me on facebook to find out when I’m running it next and there is more information here:

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