What blogs my readers read: Sex, Decluttering, David Tennant and School Problems

Did I mention I’m a finalist for the MAD Blogger awards in their Small Business Category, LoL?  Really, you didn’t hear me shouting about it and jumping up and down in an excited and bouncy way?!  If not, then read here … and vote for me, and then TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW to vote for me.  Ok, so maybe that’s a bit extreme, but seriously, some of the blogs I’m up against have a massive readership, so I need all the help I can get!

As part of all this, I have to send in an example of which represent me the best.  Of course, it’s a bit confusing, because there is a difference between my regular readers, and the people who find me via google and all sorts of dubious search terms.  But I’m really surprised by what’s most popular!

At the moment the choice seems to be between ..

So basically, to improve my stats I need more video messages from sexy men?  I can see how that might be a priority, and will get working on it immediately!  But you also want your houses decluttered?  Only then do you want to have sex with your husbands, and if you have a bit of time left then you might try to sort out your kids problems at school?

I suspect, that it’s actually a bit counter-intuitive, and that what is going on is that the stress of worrying about our kids, sends us to watch sexy actors and try to control our lives by decluttering.  The whole sex with the husband thing, is basically a ‘gotta do’ in order to maintain a relationship, and so when that is out of the way, we can manage to think about the newest worries of the day and what new challenges our kids are facing.

You guys do seem to like the Weekly Weight Loss tips a bit, especially the one with the webinar.  And I get a lot of feedback about the weekly Exhaustion Tips on twitter.  I’m thinking that those are probably more of a hit with my regulars, as is the Video Wednesday short posts?  Surprisingly in an era of recession, not many people are going for a free 30mins of my time with the Question Corner yet; don’t forget you can do it anonymously by emailing me at Lisa at MummyWhisperer dot com.  All the stuff I wrote about Affairs is popular, but I suspect that is from general internet searches.  But it does surprise me that it comes about affairs more than bullying.

Over time I’ve written nearly 150 posts and had nearly 1000 comments (but at least 50% was spam!) and my first post was 2 years ago on the 9th of May, just as I was also falling pregnant with Little Dimples.  Did you have a favourite?

So, I’ve loved blogging, and it looks like all my hard work and plans for world domination could be actually beginning to pay off!  I hope that I’ve helped lots of Mums out there with my posts, that’s certainly my plan, because with a blog I can reach more Mums than with my 1to1’s and programs.   I’m hoping that it’s onwards and upwards, and that soon the message that all Mums are fabulous and deserve to have sparkly in their lives will spread further.

How David Tennant Made My Day

David Tennant broke my heart when he left Dr Who.  But just before Christmas I forgave him, even though he’s getting married to someone else ;o)

Big hairy northern hubby’s company does a big charity event every year, where all the profit they make on the day goes to charity.  This is no cynical PR trick.  They actually save up deals and attempt to make as much as they possibly can.  Celeb charity ambassadors turn up to do the deals and in return their charities get the dosh.  This year they made about £13million.  Not too shabby.  (The only shabby thing was their competitors trying to take a pile of clients out for lunch, however they must have been tipped off and just incase they had saved up a pile of deals to put through; shame on you companies, you know who you are).

A few of the celebs are a bit dull, and not very interesting, they turn up, do a deal and then piss off.  But others really get involved in the event.  Big favourites in the past have been Jamie Oliver playing a Wii cookery game, and Gail Porter who the brokers adore, I think partially because of her bald head and how strong/gorgeous she is with it.  All the staff dress up, and it’s an especially nice treat for the back room people, i.e. the people who don’t earn the salaries of those on the desk.  (Before you send hate mail, no it is not a bank, it is an ‘inter-brokers’, and be very very sure of your facts before you criticise either with me because I might know a little more than the general media stuff).

Big hairy northern hubby can be seen here dressed as Robin (OMG) with Prince Charles and Prince William, which was a HUGE deal as they have never both gone to a non-royal event before.

Others this year where Kirsty Allsop, who was a major favourite with the dealers.  You might have thought that what they would like is mainly blonde, busty and scantily clad; but whilst that is definitely appreciated, they really love a woman who can stand up for herself and give as good as she gets.  The girls were really chuffed to see Daniel Craig, and there were tonnes of sportsmen for the guys.  Lots of the celebs are probably totally lost on the northern hairy one, as he doesn’t have a clue who they are so I have regularly suggested that we swap places.  But there was one person this year that I was particularly gutted not to meet, and that was David Tennant.

I think David Tennant was the best Dr Who ever.  He was quirky, plus drop dead sexy.  How he managed to do that and not fall into the trap of being ridiculous as some have, I don’t know.  But I think he is fab.

So there I was, at home, knackered after several weeks of Little Dimples sleeping badly due to teething and Curly Headed Boy having at least one nightmare per night (more about that another time), and this popped up (sorry, this is the first time I’ve aded a video and you need to click a couple of times);

Ah be still my heart!  David Tennant is now forgiven, and the best celebrity in the whole wide world!  (Please do not listen to this with your kids in the room!).