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When Is Discussion Healthy or Unhealthy?

Discussion Arguing

I’m trying to work out whether I’m a fan of discussion or not.  I like a good old chinwag, and brainstorm.  But discussion?  There is a strong tendency in me to want ‘efficiency’;  So a part of me kicks in with ‘seriously, isn’t it obvious?’, but clearly it really often isn’t! A ‘healthy’ discussion to […]

What blogs my readers read: Sex, Decluttering, David Tennant and School Problems

Did I mention I’m a finalist for the MAD Blogger awards in their Small Business Category, LoL?  Really, you didn’t hear me shouting about it and jumping up and down in an excited and bouncy way?!  If not, then read here … and vote for me, and then TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW to vote for […]

Meme: ‘Your Welcome’

Meme: ‘Your Welcome’

Having only just written my first Meme post, I’ve just been sent another, which is very timely, as I’m in the first stages of labour (how long is a piece of string time!), and it has been a useful thing to have a thought gradually cogitating in my head, especially as it is about something […]