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The Mummy Whisperer's Six Steps To A Sparkling You And Enjoying Being a Mum ........................................
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The perfect pick me up for overwhelmed and stressed mums

Do you find yourself exhausted? Are you sometimes so tired you can't even look at a problem, let alone do anything about it? Do you take your frustration out on the kids and end up shouting at them? Are you terrified of disappearing into the grey banality of suburban motherhood?

This book is simple, practical and easy to fit into your life. It will turn your life around. After you finish it, you’ll have more contentment, more time, more energy, more space, more money and most importantly more sparkle.

Even better, you can do all this without changing your children, partner, life, house or financial situation.

This fabulous little book has a whole pile of punch, and will help you to beat the greyness, overwhelm, frazzle, stress, exhaustion, suffocation, and worry of a mum’s life.

This book can revolutionise your life within six days – or six weeks, or six months: it’s a life makeover.

The Mummy Whisperer doesn’t add to the already heavy load of a mum; she reduces the load, changing your life, and letting you maintain the new you with just a few seconds a day.

The Mummy Whisperer won’t tell you how to be a mum. She won’t tell you what you should do. She will help you to become calmer and more contented. You will be able to de-clutter all the noise and stress around you. You will be able to hear yourself and be you again.

You are magnificent; you just don’t know it.

This book won’t make you into a perfect mum or a super mum, it will make you into the mum you are meant to be, which is just what your family has always wanted.


Nickie O'Hara: it’s just the thing I could have done with when my kids were a lot younger.

Muddling Along Mummy: incredibly I’ve flipped myself out of a bad patch and into a good patch ... Simple but effective.

Helen Redding: Easy to do and instills a sense of perspective.

Weight Loss Tips No10: A Simple Detox for your health and life

A detox can be a great start to a New Year or Spring when you are feeling a bit stagnant, or Start to a weight loss programme, or boost to a weight loss programme.

I watched Channel 4’s Food Hospital program and they pretty much proved that Detox’s don’t do much.  So whatever they do, it’s probably partially placebo, and partially giving your system a bit of a reboot so that you can go back to a healthier lifestyle.  But I still like doing one once or twice a year.

I recommend that if you are going to do it, then don’t just detox your body, detox your life as well and make it a more holistic experience.

A Simple Detox

Here is a simple detox plan for 3 days (prepare to be a bit grumpy and maybe have a headache at the beginning):

  1. No Caffiene, sugary or fizzy drinks (OR ALCOHOL!)
  2. No wheat (so no bread, no pasta, no biscuits, no cereal)
  3. No sugar (no biscuits, cake or ready made anything)
  4. No red meat i.e. beef, pork, ham or lamb
What can you eat ..
  1. Replace all drink with green/fruit tea or water  (how much to drink)
  2. Just eat chicken or fish for protein
  3. With vegetables or salad (no dressing)
  4. Any Fruit
  5. Corn Thins, Rice Cakes, or Ryvita can be a great alternative to bread.
  6. Couscous, wild/brown rice and new potatoes (lower sugar) are great alternatives to wheat


Don’t do a Detox if you are exhausted or have a baby under 3 months old, just get a bit healthier.

If you are breast feeding, then you might want to wait until you reduce how much you are feeding baby and do a detox at 6 months when you start to give them normal food too and they are less reliant.  Definitely stick to a light detox like this one if you are breast feeding or have young children.

Definitely don’t do any more advanced detoxes until you are sure your healthy eating regime is firmly in place.  Otherwise you are going to get rid of a pile of junk and want to fill the hole back up with a new pile of junk!  The same goes for Colonics (if you don’t know what that is, then take it as a sign you are not meant to know!); I once tried it in order to be able to advise a client on it, and my whole body system went into shock.  I know some people love it and really recommend it.  I would only recommend it, after a good detox, when you know you will eat healthily and as a very infrequent thing.

Slimming pills are NOT a detox and should never be taken without a prescription from a doctor.  In fact I still think that there are many problems solved by surgery and slimming pills that could be solved with in depth therapy, however if you were going to die without the surgery or pills, then I can see that they make sense.

Advanced Detoxes

You can also buy detox herbs, which take anywhere from 3 days to 3 months to clear your system out.  The 3 day ones will be a quick boost, but the longer ones will be also looking at clearing out things like parasites (again something you probably don’t want to know about!).  I did a 3 month detox once and it was amazing, but I don’t have the motivation to do it every year, maybe every decade instead!

I’m a fan of detoxing once a year, but NEVER underestimate the power of these detox herbs.  Don’t take anything without being sure that it is from a reputable supplier, and if you have any health issues, check with your doctor first.  You can expect a bit of a headache, but make sure you check the instructions for what symptoms are not normal.  Definitely don’t do this if you are breast-feeding.

Detox Your Life

Now while you are physically detoxing, have a look at the rest of your life.  Start with your kitchen cupboards and have a jolly good clear out; especially of anything that wont be helping with your weight loss.

Now don’t be telling me that you need all those treats for the kids, they don’t have to have treats every day, and what they have doesn’t have to be sweet, chocolate or crisp based either.  I’m not saying they shouldn’t have treats, just that it wont do them any harm to not have many.  Help yourself to succeed.

Now go through your wardrobe and get rid of anything that makes you feel rubbish when you wear it.  Do you feel sexy, happy, attractive in it?  If not, then bin it.  Is it too big?  Then either pack it up and put it in the loft or get rid of it.  Clear out all your drawers.  Have you not worn it for a few years, then why take up space with it?

Hows about the rest of the house?  The new slim you, needs a slimmed down house.  Check out my top 7 tips for getting decluttering, and if you like it, there is a whole category on decluttering.

You can even look around at your life.  Do you have any friends who are taking up too much space or just sapping the energy from you?  How are you managing your finances, could that do with an overhaul?  I’ll give you some tips on looking at your emotional and mental health as well.

I love detoxing, spring cleaning and decluttering having lived with a hoarder Mum.  It took me years to get really into it, but eventually when you have been doing it for a few years it becomes second nature and is really quick because you keep everything in it’s slimmed down state.  I find it fascinating that suddenly loads of people will get the detox urge or the declutter urge; maybe there it’s something to do with the change in seasons, or maybe there is something to astrology after all?  There are certainly times of the month when I feel more up for it, and I’m very much a ‘go with the flow’ type of person, so bear your menstrual cycle in mind when choosing to do a detox/declutter.

Let me know if you have any questions about detoxes.

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