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Sparkle Tips: Worrying about wearing a bikini? Four Top Tips for Losing 7lbs In 7 seconds

I know that everyone is a sucker for a ‘Lose xxx pounds in xxx ridiculous time’ so I couldn’t resist this one!

I’ve just got back from holiday, where I did a lot of worrying about myself in a bikini, until I realised that there is a HUGE advantage to going on holiday to a family resort that particularly works for younger kids;  There are a lot of Mums, who inspired a highly unscientifically proved statistical report of the 90% of Mums with younger children have a bit of spare flesh going on; so I wasn’t doing as badly as I thought!

At this time of year though, it’s not the weight that bothers us, its what the weight looks like in a bikini.

So do you know how to immediately lose 7lbs?

1) Wear a Bikini

No wearing a swimming costume doesn’t work, we immediately assume that you are atleast half a stone heavier than you are, because you don’t want to show us your tummy.  If you are really concerned, go for a tanktini, roll it down when you are walking around and up when you are sun bathing.  Within a couple of days the suntan will have removed at least 2lbs from your tummy to cover the weight that you put on while you are on holiday.  But for now at least you haven’t gained any weight.

2) Choose a bikini with some serious boob support

No string affairs unless your boobs have withstood the effects of age and motherhood amazingly or you have had a boob job!  The minute you put on something with a bit of support there is suddenly more space between your boobs and your waist and you look miles better.  There is no harm in a bit of extra padding to move the eyes upwards away from the offending areas.  Weight Loss: 1lb.

3) Wear a pretty bikini with some colour and an attractive pattern

We immediately look at the bikini then, and ignore at least another pound of wobble.  No wearing a bland, plain, boring bikini doesn’t work by letting you blend into the background.  You just look bland, boring and wobbly, sorry.  Weight Loss: 1lb.


Stand up from the base of your spine.  Shoulders down.  Chin Up, move your head back a bit like there is a piece of string holding you up to the sky.  This removes a pound worth of weight from your double chin ;o)  Weight Loss: 1lb.

Tummy In.  Bottom In.  Tip your pelvis under to straighten your back.  Weight Loss 4lbs.

When sitting down, remember to keep your shoulders back and lengthen your body from your bottom.

And Voila 7lbs lost in the time it takes to put on a bikini and breathe in!


I’m kind of taking the mickey of all the diets that claim fast weight loss.  But there is a serious point.  I had trouble with my weight for years, especially as I had serious fertility issues.  But I can tell you categorically that you don’t need a diet and your kids deserve for you to take a healthy approach to losing weight if you decide to do so.  Check out my weight loss tips and get your head in the game if you decide that now is the time for a change.

I’m about to testdrive the Hotpants that got sent to me in the post, so I will let you know if they aid me in losing my final 7lbs in the next 2 weeks!

*Update one year on – I liked the hot pants but can’t really say that they helped me lose the 7lbs – I did manage it though*

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