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Sparkle Tips: Worrying About Wearing A Bikini?

For years I have worried about wearing a bikini, so much so that it put me off beach holidays.

Add to that the fact that hairy northern hubby and I didn’t gell so well on beach holidays; I liked lots of romantic attention and sunbathing/reading and he liked ‘doing’ stuff.  So for years we did things like snowboarding instead.

I approached our first family summer beach holiday with some huge trepidation.

Are you worrying about yourself in a bikini?  I was.  But you don’t need to!

‘Why?’ you might ask?

Because you are going on holiday with the family means there will be a pile of other Mums there too, and from what I could see around the pool we are pretty much all in the same boat.  Phew!

Here is my summary of what I saw …

– Skinny Mums – 2% – hardly anyone has managed to remain skinny after motherhood.

– Slim Gym Toned Mums – 8% – There were a few, and all but one had children of school age.  It proved that there is a clear change in how much time is available for exercise after the kids all go to school.  So it’s a matter of being realistic about where we are now and where we will be in a few years time.

– Look OK In Clothes, but a bit wobbly around the edges in a bikini – 30% – Loads of Mums fitted this category.  They looked fab in the evenings, weren’t particularly over weight, but probably had one problem area that was causing them some worry.  In a few years time they will either sort it out, or decide it’s really not worth the gym time for a small gain of half a stone.

– Still Got Some Baby Weight – 30% – Loads of Mums fitted this category.  They tended to have kids under 6yrs old, and they were carrying just a little excess weight.  It was the choice of bikini and dresses that affected what they looked like though, not the weight.  If you are here and would like to get to ‘Look OK in Clothes’ then check out my weight loss tips; I lost 2.5 stone following them after Little Dimples and 4stone years ago.

– Overweight – 20% –  Some Mums had more weight than could be explained away by the effects of child birth, or hitting the biscuit cupboard after kids.  But they could still look fabulous in the evening, and the ones who did were following the kinds of tips that I give in my sparkle tips.

– Obese – 10% – There were a few very overweight Mums.  If you are in this category, then I know you will worry, but there are still a couple of reasons why you don’t need to.  Firstly there will always be someone more overweight than you.  Secondly, why on earth do you care about what other people think?  Most of us notice briefly and then go on with our lives.  The people who are bothered by it and don’t want to be your friend because of it are still in the minority.  Plus, it doesn’t mean that you can’t look gorgeous.  It just means that your health could be improved, that’s all.

So if you are worrying about going on holiday, just remember that now that you are a Mum you are going to be surrounded by a pile of other Mums, and most will have the same problem.

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8 thoughts on “Sparkle Tips: Worrying About Wearing A Bikini?

  1. Last year I made a break through when I decided that nobody would be looking at me anyway – people will look at the hot girls and well me with a bit of mummy tummy is barely going to register on their radar

    And this year I wore my bikini on the beach again – acessorised with goosebumps, again, and again nobody really noticed me

    Its about being confident in who you are (and for me that was being freezing in the sea helping Bigger learn to swim)

    1. Totally agree muddling along – but I did need a bit of reality check to sort out my body confidence ;o)
      Wish someone could have pointed it out to me as a teenager!

  2. When it comes to wearing a bikini that biggest first step is actually having the confidence to wear it out in public without feeling uncomfortable

  3. My sister in law posted pics on facebook of her wearing hers 7 weeks after having her baby. Not sure I would be brave enough to add my bikini pic to facebook at any time tho!

    1. OMG Louise – no I must admit that photos of me in my bikini are going nowhere near my fb page – and I can’t imagine what they would have looked like 7 weeks after having the baby!

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