My First BBC Radio Interview with My Daddy Cooks


I was in total geeks heaven; my first radio interview with Nick Coffer on BBC 3 Counties.  There were dials, buttons, screens, computers, flashing things, headphones; it was amazing.  I’d been on blogtalk radio before and interviewed by phone for local independent radio, but here I was being interviewed on BBC Radio, and I realised that I’d made a big decision – I love radio studios!

The great My Daddy Cooks who normally has a show on the weekend on BBC Three Counties, had taken on one of the Bank Holiday Christmas shows and really kindly asked me along.  I admit to being scared sh**less, and desperately writing notes in the waiting room as his introduction talked me up more and more and I panicked about not being able to remember how to talk, let alone anything else.  But he was a star.  How someone can talk so fast, press so many buttons, and keep guiding me to talk more/less, louder/quieter, quicker/slower, I don’t know, but he must be a natural at it.

So here it is…..

Want to know how many kisses I do?

Or the first time I’ve really talked honestly about how badly 2011 started for me?

What about my 6 tips for being a contented parent?

Or how I lost 2 stone in weight without diets or going to the gym?

Here is the link, incase you aren’t able to listen to it straight from this blog.

Lisa on BBC3CR

Big thank you’s to BBC3CR, Nick and the big hairy northern one who had to look after a couple of sick kids while I did the interview.  How do you think I did?  Be kind, remember it was my first ‘proper’ radio show!