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Weight Loss Tips No1: Starting

Weight Loss Tips For Mums

After the success of my weekly exhaustion tips, I’m going to start some weight loss tips too.  There are 12 weeks worth of tips, to get you into shape, focussed and gorgeous.

How do you fancy getting into that bikini in a couple of months and then keeping your gorgeous body from then on?  If you do, I’m sure my tips will help you and your friends, so please do share them.

Golden Rules

But first my golden rule!

We are Mums, first and foremost.  So whatever weight loss tips I suggest are aimed at getting you:

  1. Healthy
  2. Fitter
  3. Slimmer

They are different.

The order is important too.

Whats the point of making yourself ill in order to get slim?  Or getting slimmer, but not having the energy or stamina to run around with the kids?  I’m 41 with 2 young kids and I want to see my grand children, so you can see why I’m so biased about being healthier!

Plus, there is a dose of ‘sexier’, as a priority; after all there is no point in looking better, if you don’t feel fantastic about yourself and rekindle the sparkle in your life (probably another bias from being 41!)

So there are no quick fixes, although actually it is pretty quick when you get your head in the game.

There are no gimmicks, I’m after something that will keep working for you forever.  The only reason I expect you to be still reading my weight loss tips in a year is because you want to share them with other people.

My Credentials

What are my credentials you might wonder?  Well, having fertility problems and giving up smoking really affected my weight, and I complained about it for years with little success.

But when I got my head around it I lost around 3.5 stone and went from a size 18 to a size 10.

After kids, I didn’t gain lots, but being a work at home Mum in front of the computer piled on extra pounds again.  From January 2011 to May 2011 I have lost 20 lbs, which has put me half a stone back in the healthy range.  I’ve got another 8lbs to go in order to be totally happy; that difficult last 8!

So I can promise you that I know weight loss, plus I will be doing it along with you.  I’d love it if you pop a comment below about your plans for losing weight.

My first major tip is also the most important one, and I really want you guys to get it, so I’m going to do a FREE 15 minute facebook fan page webinar with Q&A afterwards (for as long as it takes) NEXT WEEK on WEDNESDAY 11th May (2011) at 7pm.

UPDATE this webinar is now available here on YouTube and there is a blog post to go with it on how to get your mindset right for weight loss.

P.s. Remember, if you are young, old, or have any serious health problems then you really must see your doctor before starting any kind of diet or exercise regime.

P.p.s Generally, I’m a big fan of talking to people who have experience and are professionals, so doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers (with lots of years of experience), so if you get a chance, I recommend it.

If you find these tips helpful, feel free to sign up for my RSS feed or subscribe by email, tell your mates, and join my facebook page.

UPDATE: I’ve created a Facebook group to support people following my blog posts

8 thoughts on “Weight Loss Tips No1: Starting

  1. Very helpful. I hope people take advantage of what you are doing on facebook and contribute. Some of the most helpful tips to lose weight can come from people bouncing ideas off of each other and this is a great place to do it.
    To yours and many others success…

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