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Weight Loss Diary: Week1: The problem and the goal

Weight Loss Diary Muffin Top Photo


I’m starting a weight loss diary – bet you never guessed that from the title heh!

I also thought I’d vlog it; you know, try something new!

So in this vlog I talk about the extent of my weight gain problem, why I gained it, and what my goals are.



Previous Posts

It’s important when you start to be clear on the problem and what you would like to set as a goal, I wrote about all this previously:

Starting: the rules of weight loss

How to measure the starting position: important to have several measurements

Setting goals: if your goals are pants, it will make it difficult to get into smaller pants

The Photo’s

And Just to make it really embarrassing I’m doing photos.

I’m sorry (not!) that I don’t have photos of previous times I had to lose weight, but if you are heavier than me, bear in mind that the first time I used my method I lost 3.5stone (pre-children), and the second time I lost (2.5 stone) (post children).

Why did I put it back on?  You’ll have to listen to my vlog for that!

Also, if I had taken these photo’s when I was last at this weight they would have been a LOT worse, as I’ve been doing Pilates for 5 months now.

These photo’s show the problem; being short, and having a muffin top, which I find physically and emotionally uncomfortable.  Apart from the fact that I’m also now overweight, which isn’t going to help my Fibromyalgia at all.

Weight Loss Diary Front Photo
The view from the front
Weight Loss Diary Back Photo
The view from the back



























Weight Loss Diary Side Photo
The view from the side
Weight Loss Diary Muffin Top Photo
The problem muffin top






























Weight Loss Diary Dumpy Photo
Dumpy in flats
Weight Loss Diary Boots Photo
Looks OK in high heeled boots





























Join Me!

I’m going to do a series of Google+ hangouts about getting Healthy, Fit and Slim.

Fancy joining me?

Two keen Mums have already signed up.  There is space for only SEVEN more.

Join my FB page and contact me in my FB group.  Sorry you will need a Google account too (here is my profile and page).  I need to know your current weight, goal, and what methods you are using at the moment if you have already started.

Don’t worry I will record the hangouts and put them on my Youtube page


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11 thoughts on “Weight Loss Diary: Week1: The problem and the goal

  1. FAB blog and will be checking in to see how you are doing for sure. I started my weight loss journey on the 1st Jan 2013 – weighing in at 207lbs! I have lost 22lbs so far (whoo hoo) and I am more determined than ever to reach my goal of 130lbs. I have already gone from a size 20 to a size 16. You can’t imagine how fab that feels and I have only just started. I also started exercising recently also and OMG I am enjoying it 🙂 Anyway you look FAB-A-BLINKING-ROONEY in your shots – you were very brave 🙂 x

    1. You must feel wonderful @megan because size 16 is so much easier to shop for than a 20, that’s amazing. Just you wait, you are going to love size 14, because your choices will be even easier (plus I used to have problems with shoes/boots, that went away between 12-14). Keep in touch!

  2. Good luck Lisa,
    I know you’ll do it.

    Love the photos and your fab home….you’re hot! But if you’re not comfy then that’s reason enough to “diet”.

    Love GX

    1. Thank you gorgeous @Grace, that’s sweet coming from the hotness that is you! Yep, it’s just a health and comfort thing really. xx

  3. It is really good to have a goal and a motivation so it will be easier to achieve your ideal weight. I believe you have the capability to achieve your fitness goals. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story and the dedication is amazing. I will also work hard to get back to a better shape.

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