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Exhaustion Tips: Make the most of the surfacing emotions to work out what the problem is

When we are exhausted it does tend to also mean getting upset, grumpy, overwhelmed and unhappy.  I’m going to suggest that you make the most of it, and really embrace it for a moment for me, rather than get rid of it, or ignore it.

Why?  Because as Mums we often ‘cope’, and hide away all the things that we are not happy about.  But when we are exhausted they all come to the surface in a big messy pile.  In a way these emotions are not real, because it is due to our perspective being upside down when we are shattered.  But, it can also give brilliant insights about what is troubling us deep down and what might need a little look at.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, stop repressing it, and first off, have a jolly good cry (crying can be really therapeutic and unhealthy if repressed).

Then, find a way to get an hour to yourself: bribe a teenager, ask a neighbour, find a relative, use cbeebies, or sit down one evening when they are all in bed and turn off the TV.  Grab a cuppa, and then start to write …

How are you feeling?  Both physically and emotionally?  What’s upsetting you?  Who’s upsetting you?  There is probably a difference between the circumstances that got you to this tired place, and the people/kids/events that are upsetting you, so take note of both sides of the equation.

Get it all out and onto paper.  Atleast it doesn’t have to keep running around in your head now, because it knows you’ve noticed it.

I got a chance to do this at the weekend.  I realised that I was upset because I was judging myself harshly as a rubbish Mum (I still think this, because I haven’t dealt with it yet, but at least I know whats underneath it all, and something that we all often feel).  Plus I was upset with Curly Headed Boy, but it’s not such a big deal, it’s just that with him now 5 1/2 and nearly finishing his first primary school year, we need to make some adjustments in the rules and boundaries at home.  Plus, a pile of things that I had put in place to keep my energy levels up had all spectacularly failed in a few weeks, so there are actually some obvious things to sort out.

When you know what emotions, or physical issues or general life problems are at the core of how you are feeling you can start to make a plan …. which I’m going to blog about next week, so come back then!  Don’t worry, I’ll get around to how to deal with the more problematic emotional/mental stuff too.

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7 thoughts on “Exhaustion Tips: Make the most of the surfacing emotions to work out what the problem is

  1. I totally agree – sitting and writing all my worries and angst down has actually made me feel better, I’d have never thought it would have been that simple but it was – incredibly I’ve flipped myself out of a bad patch and into a good patch just by blurbing it on paper

    Simple but effective

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