Weight Loss Tips No4: Do you know how to measure?

So remember I said that my objective is to get you HEALTHY, then FIT, and then SLIMMER?  (Personally, I add in SEXIER too, for a good dash off feel good factor). Well we are going to have to set some goals soon, but first you need to know how to measure yourself and set your starting point. Before we start, […]

Weight Loss Tips No3: The prime reason it’s so difficult

Lots of people struggle with losing weight, and it seems to be getting worse and worse as our obesity levels go up. In this day and age where there is a pill or alternative therapy for everything, it can seem terribly disturbing to people to not be able to get their weight sorted. Philosophically, I think that half the problem […]

Weight Loss Tips No2: Are you really up for it?

So are you really up for losing weight?   WHY? If you are answering: Because I should. Because I keep complaining about it. Because other people say I should. Because I look fat. Then to be honest you haven’t got much chance of losing weight and keeping it off. If you are answering: I’m not sure, but it seems like […]

Weight Loss Tips No1: Starting

After the success of my weekly exhaustion tips, I’m going to start some weight loss tips too.  There are 12 weeks worth of tips, to get you into shape, focussed and gorgeous. How do you fancy getting into that bikini in a couple of months and then keeping your gorgeous body from then on?  If you do, I’m sure my […]