Weight Loss Tips For Mums

Weight Loss Tips No4: Do you know how to measure?

So remember I said that my objective is to get you HEALTHY, then FIT, and then SLIMMER?  (Personally, I add in SEXIER too, for a good dash off feel good factor).

Well we are going to have to set some goals soon, but first you need to know how to measure yourself and set your starting point.

Before we start, let me make a really important point.  When you look up the recommended statistics for all the below measurements, make sure that you take into account your AGE and SEX.  Because they are different, and if you don’t then you are not going to be comparing yourself correctly.

Get a notebook.  Write in the date and time.

Now lets look at some ways that you can measure your starting point (I would recommend doing them all, because you might get movement one month on one and not on another) …


Go on, if it’s horrid, then thats great because you’ll be able to beat it asap!


You probably know this!  I recommend you convert it into centimetres as well as feet and inches, because some of the later calculations will be easier that way.  Here is a URL I found quickly via google, feel free to add a comment with a better one if you find it: http://www.onlineconversion.com/

Tape measure

After all this is probably what most bothers you, which is how much space you take up.  So measure lots of things, otherwise you might miss some of the changes (you might need a friends help for this): Upper arms, bra line, waist, hips, thigh, calf.


Actually not always the best measure as it doesn’t take into account fat etc, but not without merit.  Make sure you convert it into kilos as well as stones and just pounds, because it makes the calculators easier to use.

Fat Percentage

I admit to being a fan of gadgets, so I do have the scales that measure fat percentage.  Gyms can do it too with a tool that literally ‘pinches and inch’, normally for free if you are a member, plus online there are calculators to work it out from your height and weight.

Here is one that I found: http://www.healthyforms.com/helpful-tools/index.php

Body Mass Index

I’m not a massive fan of this measurement because in cases like the big hairy northern one it doesn’t take into account big legs from years of track cycling and rugby as a young bloke.  However, if you are of ‘normal’ build, then it will probably give you a decent insight.

There’s an NHS one here: http://www.nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/Healthyweightcalculator.aspx?Tag=Calculators

Hip to Waist Ratio

This is actually one of the most important, as when it is high there are greater chances of you having fat around your organs which has major effects on your health and life span, so I am a BIG fan of this measurement.  Again a gym or a personal trainer can do this one for you.  You can probably do it yourself, but you do need to be careful about where you are measuring.

Here’s one for you: http://www.healthyforms.com/helpful-tools/index.php

Dress size

Pick a store and pick a dress size!  Remember that different stores, will have different ways of measuring dress sizes.  Potentially pick one that works for your age, for example if you are over 15 don’t pick Top Shop, if you are under 30 don’t pick Marks and Spencer’s (I’m not saying don’t buy from them, I’m just saying don’t pick them as your measurement.  For my height I reckon a healthy dress size is 10-12 (being curvy, I’m likely to need a 12 trouser, or larger top if it’s tight, but 10 is a good average size for me).

General Health

If you would like to check out your general health in other areas of life and make sure that you are not living too close to the edge, then sign up for my free newsletter (don’t worry I don’t send out loads), and you will get a free Life Health Questionnaire.

How is your nutrition?

Do you eat lots of sugar and fat, some rubbish, 5 a day with a little regular treat, really good.

How is your hydration?

Do you drink no water with coffee and fizzy drinks, a couple of glasses of water a day with coffee and fizzy drinks, a couple of glasses of water a day with maybe one coffee, 8 glasses of water a day with just one coffee.

How often do you exercise?

How many steps do you manage a day?  A pedometer is a really good idea.  You will probably find that a ‘normal’ sedentary day is about 2-3k steps, the school run adds another 1-2k, going for a walk or shopping another 1-2k.  You are aiming for 10,000 yes, TEN THOUSAND!

Do you manage to fit any exercise into your life?

  • Not at all + get tired quickly with the kids
  • Once per week + get tired after 30 mins with the kids
  • Twice per week + get tired after 1hr with the kids
  • Three times per week + lots of energy with the kids?

How do you feel about your body?

Do you hate it, dislike it, think it’s OK in clothes, think it’s OK in a bikini, or think it’s fabulous?

How sexy do you feel

(as this has little to do with actual size, just what you think about yourself)? – Not at all, a little, once in a while, often, lots, sexilicious?


So you have tonnes of ways of measuring your progress.  This gives you more likelihood of making progress each week, however little.

Plus it makes sure that you keep your eyes on all important aspects of weight loss, not just a one sided view.  Remember to check out my earlier posts on how to get and keep yourself motivated!  Next week we are going to set some goals and make sure that they are goals that work.

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Weight Loss Tips For Mums

Weight Loss Tips No3: The prime reason it’s so difficult

Lots of people struggle with losing weight, and it seems to be getting worse and worse as our obesity levels go up.

In this day and age where there is a pill or alternative therapy for everything, it can seem terribly disturbing to people to not be able to get their weight sorted.

Philosophically, I think that half the problem is the back lash against thin models, which is creating an opposite of more over-weight people.  Hopefully the media will at some point get some sense and start to focus on the middle road; hmmm that might be a bit optimistic, it doesn’t sound like a media sort of thing does it?  Maybe the media will just get bored of it one day?

So why does it APPEAR to be so hard?  (You need to be careful that you aren’t walking around saying ‘weight loss is so hard’ all the time, because it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We get told all sorts of conflicting messages like ‘it’s about eating less’, ‘it’s about combining different foods’, ‘lose 10stone in 2 weeks’ (OK so that’s an exaggeration, but you know what I mean), or ‘this is the ONLY way to lose weight’.  Everyone seems to know why, but no one seems to have a fool proof method that works for everyone.  Why?

Because we are all different.

Because you need a combination of things in order to succeed in a healthy long term manner.

The big reason that weight loss for some of us is difficult, is because unlike other goals you need to get a number of areas sorted to succeed.  The four areas are:

  1. Mindset
  2. Hydration
  3. Eating
  4. Exercise

They are all needed.

Thats the tough and important thing to understand.  However, if I can do it, then you can totally do it!

I had fertility problems and gave up smoking, and that is what I used to complain about when I was trying to lose weight.  It’s true that sometimes there can also be physical barriers, but the first step is to stop complaining.  Yes it might be more difficult if we are tired or have physical issues that make it more difficult, but those barriers can be overcome.  So just decide that the fact that you have a few more barriers is great, because it means that you will gain way more satisfaction than other people at losing weight.  It’s all about how you look at the situation, not what the situation is.

However, you don’t HAVE to lose weight.  If you are going to do it, then keep coming back for my tips and I’ll help out, but you will have to stop complaining about how hard it is.  If you feel like you should do it, because you are overweight or not at a weight you enjoy then you have a choice.  Decide whether you want to sort it out now, or be realistic and decide to do it later if you know that you don’t really want to.  Instead learn to appreciate what you’ve got and come back here another time, or continue complaining for a few months and come back here!


So what are the four areas again?


So you are going to need to make sure that you are mentally up for it, and feel enthusiastic about it, otherwise you’ll only last a couple of weeks.  The more heartfelt your motivation, the easier it will be for you.

Update: I’ve done posts about goal setting and how to get motivated using a coaching exercise to help you


Then you need to make sure that you are drinking enough water, because otherwise your body thinks that you are in a desert and can’t function fully.  (Tea, coffee, fizzy drinks and diet drinks don’t count!).  Think about a car without oil; that is your body without water, basically wrecked inside!

Update: Check out my post about hydration for more info.


I’ll give some tips on eating, but you need to find the right balance between just enough to make sure that your body doesn’t think you are in the sahara and dieing, but little enough to allow you to lose weight.  Plus, there is no doubt that eating in a healthy way will help.  (This time it is a car without petrol!).

Update: I’ve started a whole blog series on ‘Healthy Eating For Rubbish Cooks‘.


When it comes to exercise, you might need some good professional advice, but I will get you started in the tips.  The wrong exercise can actually make you heavier or get in the way of achieving your goals, so it’s really important.  Plus, there is no point in hurting yourself and ending up lieing in bed for a few weeks getting even lardier!

Update: I’ve started a whole blog series on ‘Exercise Tips‘ too.

One little postscript.  

There can be emotional reasons that we don’t want to lose the weight (subconsciously), although it only hits a few of us, and isn’t always the reason.  Normally by working on the mindset aspect you can overcome this.  If you find that tips only get you so far, and you really did the exercise in my mindset video, then this could be the final problem.  If there is enough interest, then I can do a few more posts on why we might have emotional blocks and how to tackle them.  Just let me know.  Plus remember my ‘Problem Corner‘ which you can ask me something anonymously; I’m more than happy to help out.

There can also be physical problems, but these tips will still help you.  I’ve managed to lose weight despite Polycystic Ovarian syndrome, giving up smoking and now Fibromyalgia and meds that have put weight back on me.  So it is possible, maybe a little tougher, but definitely possible.




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I’ve got soooo much to tell you!

Weight Loss Tips For Mums

Weight Loss Tips No2: Are you really up for it?

So are you really up for losing weight?  


If you are answering:

  • Because I should.
  • Because I keep complaining about it.
  • Because other people say I should.
  • Because I look fat.

Then to be honest you haven’t got much chance of losing weight and keeping it off.

If you are answering:

  • I’m not sure, but it seems like a good idea

Then I want you to go and get a cup of tea and a pen and paper (you must write this stuff down, because magic happens when you write) and make three lists for me.

  1. The People You Love (e.g. family, friends)
  2. What You Love Doing (e.g. playing with the kids)
  3. What You Love Getting (e.g. clothes, attention)


Now I want you to make another long, long, long, long list answering this question:


Why will getting HEALTHY, FIT and SLIMMER help all the people I love,

and help me with all the things I love to do or have?

If you write this list you are going to start to feel really motivated.

If you keep going after that you are going to get so enthusiastic that mountains couldn’t stop you from achieving it.

If you keep going even a little longer, you are going to suddenly feel it at your heart, and a couple of tears will appear in your eyes and you will KNOW without a certainty of a doubt why you are going to soon be feeling (most important) and looking fabulous.

Now for those of you who missed my free facebook webinar never fear, I have managed put it onto youtube:

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Weight Loss Tips For Mums

Weight Loss Tips No1: Starting

After the success of my weekly exhaustion tips, I’m going to start some weight loss tips too.  There are 12 weeks worth of tips, to get you into shape, focussed and gorgeous.

How do you fancy getting into that bikini in a couple of months and then keeping your gorgeous body from then on?  If you do, I’m sure my tips will help you and your friends, so please do share them.

Golden Rules

But first my golden rule!

We are Mums, first and foremost.  So whatever weight loss tips I suggest are aimed at getting you:

  1. Healthy
  2. Fitter
  3. Slimmer

They are different.

The order is important too.

Whats the point of making yourself ill in order to get slim?  Or getting slimmer, but not having the energy or stamina to run around with the kids?  I’m 41 with 2 young kids and I want to see my grand children, so you can see why I’m so biased about being healthier!

Plus, there is a dose of ‘sexier’, as a priority; after all there is no point in looking better, if you don’t feel fantastic about yourself and rekindle the sparkle in your life (probably another bias from being 41!)

So there are no quick fixes, although actually it is pretty quick when you get your head in the game.

There are no gimmicks, I’m after something that will keep working for you forever.  The only reason I expect you to be still reading my weight loss tips in a year is because you want to share them with other people.

My Credentials

What are my credentials you might wonder?  Well, having fertility problems and giving up smoking really affected my weight, and I complained about it for years with little success.

But when I got my head around it I lost around 3.5 stone and went from a size 18 to a size 10.

After kids, I didn’t gain lots, but being a work at home Mum in front of the computer piled on extra pounds again.  From January 2011 to May 2011 I have lost 20 lbs, which has put me half a stone back in the healthy range.  I’ve got another 8lbs to go in order to be totally happy; that difficult last 8!

So I can promise you that I know weight loss, plus I will be doing it along with you.  I’d love it if you pop a comment below about your plans for losing weight.

My first major tip is also the most important one, and I really want you guys to get it, so I’m going to do a FREE 15 minute facebook fan page webinar with Q&A afterwards (for as long as it takes) NEXT WEEK on WEDNESDAY 11th May (2011) at 7pm.

UPDATE this webinar is now available here on YouTube and there is a blog post to go with it on how to get your mindset right for weight loss.

P.s. Remember, if you are young, old, or have any serious health problems then you really must see your doctor before starting any kind of diet or exercise regime.

P.p.s Generally, I’m a big fan of talking to people who have experience and are professionals, so doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers (with lots of years of experience), so if you get a chance, I recommend it.

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UPDATE: I’ve created a Facebook group to support people following my blog posts