Get Healthy, Fit and Lose Weight Easily In time for Christmas or Summer

Do you fancy getting healthy, fit and maybe a bit slimmer? Without rubbish diets, fads, or boring exercise routines? It’s totally possible, it’s just that it wouldn’t make good TV or newspaper articles or expensive weight loss regimes if everyone knew how! I blogged all 2011 about losing weight.  Pre-children I struggled for years before I understood how easy it […]

Weight Loss Tips No13: Rewards for losing weight and hitting your goals

  I was thinking about rewards for losing weight and hitting goals last week.  It’s important to be balanced in life: to give and to receive in equal measure.  So it would be a fair deal to give yourself or your body something in return for doing a good job.  After all, wouldn’t you be upset if you kept giving […]

Weight Loss Tips No12: Stalled in your progress?

It’s really normal to make great progress and then suddenly stall and stop for a while.  If this is where you are and you want a boost, then this is the post for you. I did really well following my weight loss tips, and went from 12 stone or thereabouts to 10 stone 5lbs within a few months, which is […]

Weight Loss Tips No11: Dress for self-worth

Hopefully by following my 12 months worth of tips, you are now loads fitter and slimmer, but have you broken the pattern of not feeling good about yourself? Now you know that it wasn’t the weight really that made you unhappy with how you looked don’t you? It was how you felt about yourself. If not you need a hair cut, and […]

Weight Loss Tips No10: A Simple Detox for your health and life

A detox can be a great start to a New Year or Spring when you are feeling a bit stagnant, or Start to a weight loss programme, or boost to a weight loss programme. I watched Channel 4’s Food Hospital program and they pretty much proved that Detox’s don’t do much.  So whatever they do, it’s probably partially placebo, and […]

Weight Loss Tips No9: Exercise

Ok, so if you haven’t added exercise into your weight loss regime yet, then now is definitely time for it. But what I suggest might not be what you expect, bearing in mind I’m aiming for HEALTHY, FIT and SLIMMER (with a dash of sexier!), without bootcamps. The thing is I’m over 40, the body is doing really well after […]

Weight Loss Tips No8: What to Eat

So last week I went through quantities of food; smaller plates and food diaries.  This week it’s about what you eat.  There are no complicated recipes here, it’s all very basic as most of us Mums just don’t have the time to faff around.  But feel free to faff as much as you like if you are a great cook, just […]

Weight Loss Tips No6: Hydration: How to drink more water

So we have covered the 4 reasons why weight loss is so difficult, and now you know them it will be easy! Hopefully you’ve done the mindset exercise (this is a must), and set sensible goals using lots of different ways of measuring your success. Now point 2 in the 4 aspects to cover for successful weightloss was Hydration. There […]

Weight Loss Tips No5: Setting Goals

Ok, so I like ticking boxes, so I tend to have a few goals.  Just one goal doesn’t give as much satisfaction as achieving lots of them.  So when setting your goals I recommend setting several, so that you can do lots of ticking and feel lots of satisfaction (and get lots of treats for achieving them!) Before we start, […]