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Merry Christmas and Thank You From Me To You Guys

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Thank You To All My Readers!


It’s certainly been a memorable year this year with many ups and downs and I figure that 2012 will be even more so.  Just in case any of you guys turned up half way through the year, I thought I’d do a quick summary.

In June I was nominated as a finalist for the national MADS blogging awards, and then had to wait right up until the end of September to find out the results!  HUGE thank you’s to everyone who voted for me and put up with me begging for votes.  My award is still looking at me all shiny and gorgeous on my desk!

My blog is going from strength to strength, with more and more readers, and even getting into the top 100 parenting blogs on Wikio, and some fabulous competitions this year.  I’ve got even more plans for next year, so keep on coming back and let me know what you’d like more of?  What are your favourite posts, the ones about sex, relationships, David Tennant, redundancy, weight loss, getting more energy, saving time and money, decluttering, bullying, school or the off the cuff ones?  Hey, next year I might be blogging as we travel the world in a motorhome, you never know!  Whatever happens, I won’t forget the revolution; currently called something like ‘Mums standing in each others shoes’.

My year started out a bit tough until I sorted myself out and from there birthed my new book; ‘The Mummy Whisperers Six Steps To A Sparkling You And Enjoying Being A Mum’.  More thank you’s to everyone who bought my it; you got it into the top 10 best selling books in parenting/motherhood for a whole month and the top 100 until recently.   It’s only 99p and you can read it even if you don’t have a Kindle.  If you know any Mums out there who could do with a less stress in their lives and more sparkle, please help them by telling them about it; especially as at the moment it has a free chapter on losing weight, which I’ll be removing in the New Year.


Mommy Whisperer

As a family there’s been lots of focus on the house this year, with decorating from top to bottom and loads of de-cluttering.  We had a big adventure going to our first ever Family Festival, where Curly Headed Boy discovered Robin Hood, and Little Dimples discovered fairies.  We went to Cyprus for our first summer family, which was lovely.

Curly Boy (now 6yrs) seems to be really enjoying Year 1, and is a very bright imaginative little boy, although we do worry about the pressure already on them at such a young age.  Dimples is even brighter, cute as a button, a very determined soul; just coming up for her second birthday.  They are still getting on brilliantly, maybe sometimes too well, as they both have a cheeky/naughty sense of humour!

Poor old Big Hairy Northern Hubby spent the first half of the year in New York once a fortnight, then got shingles for 2 months and has just been made redundant.

We said three sad goodbyes to our dogs; Jim (rehomed near us when Curly Headed Boy was a toddler), Danny (he was living at a working kennels which we were paying for, after realising how much happier he was there) and Merlin who was little Dimples very loyal follower; quite bizarre how they all died within a few months of each other.  So we are now left with only the big black hairy labradoodle Dudley.  It looks like it’s definitely been a year for preparing the family for a big change in 2012 with so much being cleared away.

Wishing you all a fabulous Christmas and a wonderful New Year.  Here’s to 2012 and all it has in store for us.

Big Hugs and Thank you again for reading, it makes my day when I see that what I write is valuable enough for you to spend a few minutes on.

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