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Exhaustion Tip: Caffiene and panic attacks

The worst thing about being exhausted sometimes is then not being able to get to sleep.  I’ve got several tips on this, but the first is the most obvious; self-inflicted insomnia! Do you ever lie down and your heart is pumping a hundred to the dozen?  It almost feels like you are having a panic […]

Turning my noisy head off

Fibro fog

Why do people have to disagree with us or have a go at us?  Do you ever wonder?  Wouldn’t it be easier or nicer if it was different?  Or if everybody was nice all the time would it actually not work for us? I know that in this world there will always be as many […]

Video Wed: Music To Scrub The Floor With and See Spring

Video Wed: Music To Scrub The Floor With and See Spring

Music is one of the biggest helpers in my life, especially when I’m knackered, and come down to a kitchen floor needing scrubbing as well as the normal feed 2 kids, get the packed lunch done, and get on the school run in time to not get stuck in traffic. So to all those Mums […]

Exhaustion Tips: Go to bed early

This might sound obvious, but if you are exhausted, then you need to make a big attempt to go to bed early, and do it for several nights running. I know, you want time for yourself and time with your partner.  But sometimes needs must, so you can go to bed early for 60% of […]

Exhaustion Tips Starting

I’m so excited, I’ve been meaning to start a pile of tips on how to manage the exhaustion that goes along with being a Mum and having babies or children, but I just haven’t had a chance until now.  So today is the official announcement of my weekly tips!  I’ve broken them down so that […]

Exhaustion Tip: One Step at a time

When I am really exhausted, the problem is that being a Mum I can’t stop and not do things; you know what it’s like, we just have to keep going.  But how to keep going can be tricky, and how to keep going without making yourself ill or getting into such a tizwaz that you […]

Exhaustion …. What it feels like

I’m writing this for three reasons.  (Well, I actually started writing it 14 days ago, but have been that exhausted that it has taken this long to finish!). Firstly to share with non mums what it feels like.  I’m sorry to do the whole ‘you can’t understand what its like’ card, but seriously, I reckon […]

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