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Competition To Win An Amazing Joe Browns Coat: You don’t get if you don’t ask!

I am so chuffed about this competition to win a gorgeous Joe Browns Navajo Coat worth £89.95; just look at that gorgeous lining, which will flash every time you walk or put it on and off.  This coat says ‘I’m happy to stand out, I’m gorgeous, I’m sparkly, I’m bored of being dull’, ‘I might […]

Tops From Joe Browns For Mum To Wear at a 6yr Old Boy’s Party By PolkaDot Parties

How did that happen, Curly Headed Boy is now 6 years old? (Yes, it is a rhetorical question, I kind of get that time passes, I just never knew it could be so quick and never imagined what it would be like for him to keep getting older and older!). Would you like an idea […]

Sparkle Tips: Photos of the Jewelry that Stella and Dot leant me for the MADs awards

I’m a big fan of jewelry, especially anything sparkly!  But when I got my TK Maxx dress, I realised that I was in trouble.  I needed something much more subtle around my neck than I would normally go for, and something more striking on my wrist.  Plus there was a little too much blue going on […]

Sparkle Tips: Go Shopping With Friends

We might not all be able to afford a personal shopper, but we all have mates.  (Mind you I don’t think that all personal shoppers cost money, it’s just that they cost money in persuasion!).  So why not treat yourself to a shopping trip with a few friends, especially if you would like to pick […]

Sparkle Tips: Worrying about wearing a bikini? Four Top Tips for Losing 7lbs In 7 seconds

I know that everyone is a sucker for a ‘Lose xxx pounds in xxx ridiculous time’ so I couldn’t resist this one! I’ve just got back from holiday, where I did a lot of worrying about myself in a bikini, until I realised that there is a HUGE advantage to going on holiday to a […]

Sparkling Tips: You Are Beautiful And Don’t Let Anyone Say You Aren’t

I’ve just read a really jaded piece in the daily mail by Julie Burchil saying that most of us will never be pretty and that the song in which Christina Aguillera says we are all beautiful is partly to blame.  It’s the perfect thing to put a dampner on an already wet and miserable day. But […]

Sparkle Tips: Worrying About Wearing A Bikini?

For years I have worried about wearing a bikini, so much so that it put me off beach holidays. Add to that the fact that hairy northern hubby and I didn’t gell so well on beach holidays; I liked lots of romantic attention and sunbathing/reading and he liked ‘doing’ stuff.  So for years we did […]

Sparkle Tips: Hair Accessories

Welcome to my first Sparkle Tip, yay!  It’s also the official announcement of my new book which will be available from September called ‘Six Weeks To A Sparkling You’.  At the moment my lovely guinea pigs are just making sure that it really is as simple as possible for you.  I’ll be giving you loads […]

Weight Loss Tips No11: Dress for self-worth

Weight Loss Tips For Mums

Hopefully by following my 12 months worth of tips, you are now loads fitter and slimmer, but have you broken the pattern of not feeling good about yourself? Now you know that it wasn’t the weight really that made you unhappy with how you looked don’t you? It was how you felt about yourself. If not you […]

I’m yummy and you are too – it’s official!

I’m yummy and you are too – it’s official!

It has been officially announced this week that I am a Yummy Mummy!  And the source and reason means that you are too ;o) I’ve never had a problem with the title ‘Yummy Mummy’, it’s just that looking around me in St Albans, I never classed myself as such, because there’s a hell of a […]

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