Competition To Win An Amazing Joe Browns Coat: You don’t get if you don’t ask!

I am so chuffed about this competition to win a gorgeous Joe Browns Navajo Coat worth £89.95; just look at that gorgeous lining, which will flash every time you walk or put it on and off.  This coat says ‘I’m happy to stand out, I’m gorgeous, I’m sparkly, I’m bored of being dull’, ‘I might be a Mum, but I’m also a person in her own right’.

When I go on the school run, I’m one of a huge number of black quilted sausages walking up and down the school drive.  Curly Headed Boy’s school has it’s own weird micro-climate which means that it’s always a couple of degrees colder by the school than anywhere else in Hertfordshire, so there is sense in the sausages.  There is one lone Mum in a red quilted sausage!  But even when the weather is good, Mums seem to navigate towards boring dull coats, in dull boring colours and dull shapeless shapes.

Why?  In the few seconds it takes to put on a coat, you can give yourself a massive pick me up straight away.

So next time you catch yourself in a shop window or the mirror of a lift, one of you lucky ladies is going to look fabulous in a Joe Browns coat (sizes 8-18 available).  I hope that those of you who don’t win will consider your next coat purchase more carefully, and just push the boundaries a little.

This coat has taught me a couple of valuable lessons, and made me think through a lot about Mummy Blogging in general.  I have been getting a Joe Browns catalogue for a while, but had never bought anything as I’d been waiting until my weight loss stabilised.  Then I fell in love with their coats and cheekily tweeted did anyone fancy giving me one.  To my surprise I got a reply from the lovely ‘Best British Bloggers‘ – OMG!  So this definitely proves that if you don’t ask you don’t get, and over the last couple of months I’ve been thinking more about my blog and what I would ask for it to achieve and do.

Ironically at the same time a big (rather typical) argument kicked off in the mummy blogging world, with people accusing other bloggers of being blaggers, blah blah blah.  I wrote a post about how important it is to realise that we are all blaggers in our own way, somewhere or other, and that it’s important to not ignore it but ‘use your blagging for good’.  Some people really got it.  Others didn’t, they just wanted to be sure that no one ever considered them a blagger, and didn’t see that I was saying that as long as you are giving a fair deal to your readers, the PR, the company and yourself, then blagging is a really useful quality to use sometimes.

Was it cheeky of me to ask for a Joe Browns coat; yes, thats why I consider myself a ‘blagger’.  But was it without fair reason? I don’t think so.  I’ve been blogging since 2009, I’ve won a national UK blogging award, my stats are above average, I’ve put in the hours and the posts.  Although they offered me the coat, I quickly decided that it was fairer for them to give it away as a competition because they will get more views that way.  Luckily for me they then sent me a top, which is gorgeous.  Which is especially lucky as with the Big Northern Hubby being made redundant I wasn’t going to be able to buy myself my promised stash of Joe Browns stuff.

Expect a lot more ‘blagging’ from me over the next couple of months, because the practicalities are that I need to change my priorities, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be still getting great posts.  My book is out there and written now (only 99p remember, and you can read it on a computer, phone, iPad or Kindle!).  Now I need to cover my fixed costs, my variable costs and the cost of childcare, and that is not a small number.  If I can’t cover the cost, I won’t blog; end of.  Luckily for me, the mummy blogging world is also full of very kind women who have come to my aid over the last couple of weeks and taught me so much.  So my chances of bringing in some money have improved massively; thank you so much ladies!

Back to the competition.  I’m using one of those cute Rafflecopter widgets.  You have to enter a comment, and then click the button to say that you’ve done it.  I’d like a comment about the worst or best coat you’ve ever worn, or why you love Joe Browns stuff please.  You can then increase your entries if you wish by liking Facebook pages and following on twitter etc.

The closing date is Thursday Dec 15th at midnight – any entries after then will not count – and the results will be released first thing on Friday 16th.  I will need your address really quickly, to make sure that your coat is sent out on the 16th or 19th of December.

Tops From Joe Browns For Mum To Wear at a 6yr Old Boy’s Party By PolkaDot Parties

How did that happen, Curly Headed Boy is now 6 years old? (Yes, it is a rhetorical question, I kind of get that time passes, I just never knew it could be so quick and never imagined what it would be like for him to keep getting older and older!).

Would you like an idea for a really unusual birthday party for your son/daughter?  Plus a fab top for you to wear and look great without being overdressed at the party? Great ….

Apparently the degree of stress that a parent feels on the day of a party, is proportionate to the amount of fun the child has, as Curly Headed Boy announced that ‘it was the best party ever in the whole wide world’ and that ‘can we do it again next year please Mummy?’!

We took a huge risk in organising a party that was going to be predominantly outside considering it’s November and last year it was snowing by now, so that was a big worry.  Plus of course it’s been a challenging week with the Big hairy northern hubby’s company thinking that just beforeChristmas is the ideal time to make someone redundant.  But the thing is that we met the lovely Lindsey from PolkaDot Parties when she did ‘Outlaw bootcamps’ at the Just So Festival last year and it was definitely Curly Headed Boy’s favourite part of the Festival.  I cheekily sent her a Facebook message asking if she fancied doing a party down here and hey presto it was so.  Luckily considering the week I had, Lindsay did all the party bags for us, and turned up really early to help.  Then she was off, teaching them how to hide and sneak, then forage for their food (hidden in little cardboard boxes in a tree), and back inside to learn a play about Robin hood to show the parents later.  They say that when it’s windy it makes kids and dogs go a bit crazy, and that definitely seemed to be true, so after a little while back inside we decided that practicing the play outside was better, so out they went again!  The final performance was fab, Curly Headed Boy (robin hood of course) got to marry Maid Marrion and the world was set to rights.

Another tip I have for you is to have cupcakes made (there is a local Mum who made gorgeous ones for us with bows and arrows, targets and robin hood hats on them), use them as ‘the cake’ by putting candles in them, and then hand them out with the party bags.  It saves a lot of time, and is great if like Curly Headed Boy your child thinks they like cake, but are in fact really fussy and don’t like it much.  Or a cheaper option is to buy a standard flat cake and get a picture made for you to go on top, I’m sure many supermarkets will do it for you.

In the meantime, it really wasn’t as stressful as it sounds, although organising parties when Little Dimples is around and escaping can be a little problematic.  The in-laws and sister-in-law had kindly come down for a visit and helped out loads; we had the boxes to assemble and jam/cheese sandwiches to make, plus carrots and grapes to cut and balloons to blow up, then banners to put up and late families to direct (I’m suspecting they might not be so keen next year!).

At least I was dressed in the perfect top for an Outlaw party, as it’s a little bohemian.  It can be a bit tricky to look like you made an effort, but not look over the top at things like a children’s party or coffee morning for school mums, and I think that this top from Joe Browns is the perfect option (big thank you to them for not thinking I was a cheeky blaggerwhen I asked for some clothes!).

The colours are lovely, and I felt really pretty in it.  It was my second wear, as I wanted to see how it washed, and the great news for a non-domestic goddess like me is definitely no ironing required!

Plus, it’s the perfect top for breast-feeding in as well as Little Dimples is what they call ‘an extended breast feeder’ and I’m really not keen on breast-feeding tops, which seem to me to be either too expensive or too drab.

Make sure you keep your eye on my blog next week as I’m going to be having a competition for this gorgeous Joe Browns coat worth £89.95.

(If you don’t know how blogs work, check out this page on how to not miss a thing).


Sparkle Tips: Photos of the Jewelry that Stella and Dot leant me for the MADs awards

I’m a big fan of jewelry, especially anything sparkly!  But when I got my TK Maxx dress, I realised that I was in trouble.  I needed something much more subtle around my neck than I would normally go for, and something more striking on my wrist.  Plus there was a little too much blue going on as well.  As the night of the MAD’s blog award got closer I panicked!

But Katie who has just started up a Stella and Dot franchise came to my rescue with some gorgeous pieces which she leant me for the night.  The great thing about the choices that she has, is that much of it is the kind of statement jewelry that I like (which brightens up an otherwise plain outfit), but they also have the more delicate options as well, unlike other companies that seem to only stick to one option.  You may well have seen some Stella and Dot statement pieces if you are a fan of Xfactor as several of the singers have worn it on the show.

I don’t normally wear brooches, but that is one of the great things about the Stella and dot teams; they don’t just give you jewellery, they also give you ideas on how to wear it.

I’ve become quite keen on the idea of brooches now!  I might have to take a look at my Mums old stuff hiding away in a box and see if I can work out how to wear some of it now, having been inspired by this piece.

Then she leant me a really subtle necklace (I’m normally much more bling), but it looked gorgeous with my dress as it was already very sparkly.  We went for small drop earings as I have shortish hair.  But then for added a touch of bling with the bracelet.

Here’s a picture of them all separately, followed by one of them on me, so that you can see what they look like  …..









A HUGE thankyou to Katie for her help and loan of the gorgeous jewellery!  I wouldn’t have felt so lovely on the night without it.


Sparkle Tips: Go Shopping With Friends

We might not all be able to afford a personal shopper, but we all have mates.  (Mind you I don’t think that all personal shoppers cost money, it’s just that they cost money in persuasion!).  So why not treat yourself to a shopping trip with a few friends, especially if you would like to pick out some bargains.

It might surprise you to know that I’m not very good at clothes shopping, considering I keep talking about sparkling and how important it is for us Mums to take care of themselves.  The big hairy northern one is much better at it and tended to just put me in a fitting room while he found clothes for me to try on.  Since having kids this has obviously been more difficult because he would be trying to catch bored children who think that hiding under a railing full of clothes is really good fun.  So I must admit I tended to opt for clothes shops with extremely helpful assistants who would do all the thinking for me, or none at all, or quick raids while Little Dimples is asleep.

However, I’ve changed my tune after being invited by TK Maxx to let them style me for the MAD Blog Awardsceremony (this friday, cross your fingers for me!).  I’m the kind of shopper whose eyes go cross eyed when faced with lots of rails packed full of clothes, so I have always avoided sales and shops like TK Maxx.  But no longer, because I have found the secret for those of us who don’t possess the gene that includes ‘finding a gorgeous bargain’!  ……

Go with mates!

In my case the mates weren’t mates at the beginning of the day, but there is nothing like a shopping trip and discussion of body issues to bond a group of women!  There was the lovely red headed geeky mummy, the little but very cute Busy Mama, the reliably honest Sally Whittle (organiser of the MADs and writer of ‘whose the mummy’ ), the lovely Kylie with her son Joshua (who slept all the way through lunch; so well behaved!) who is in the same category as the gorgeous Claire (inspirational), the not so on the brink Monica.  Plus we had additional guidance in the form of Polly from TK Maxx, and I took my gorgeous irish granny (the one I found in Tescoes) to help with Little Dimples.

Did you know how much easier it is to look for a dress for your friend?  Or how much easier it is to find a dress for yourself when you are giggling with someone else?  This is definitely the trick to shopping!  We all had our issues, for me it was the need to be able to still breast feed Little Dimples as I’m still feeding in the evenings, so I need a certain degree of ‘accessibility’.  But we helped each other to work around them with ideas for different styles of dress, or gorgeous shoes and accessories, which was made especially easy with the help of all the sparkly dresses and gorgeous shoes at TK Maxx.

There was one slight problem, which was the arrival of the desserts after our lunch, very kindly paid for by TK Maxx.  Seriously, these were not the kind of desserts that you could ignore; they were extremely yummy, which is maybe not ideal the week before an awards ceremony when I still have 1pound to lose.  (I’m just being stubborn about wanting to hit my goal of a 2 stone weight loss by this friday).

So what did I honestly think of the clothes at TK Maxx?  My dress is the prettiest dress I think that I have ever had.  I can’t show you yet, but it is definitely a ‘princess dress’.  So it definitely gets 5 stars from me.  Plus, with a little perseverance I got a lovely bag, scarf and little coat to go with it; all for an amazingly small amount of money.  So that’s another 5 stars.  I don’t think I have the ability to manage kids and shopping at TK Maxx, but from now on I will definitely put it on my ‘Mummy needs an hour to herself’ list of options, especially when I want something very special without a special price.

If you do have the ability to see a bargain easily in a rail of lots of clothes and don’t go to TK Maxx, then ‘why on earth don’t you go?’.  For the rest of you, do what we did.  Go with mates, buy a pretty dress, and then go and eat LOTS of cake.

Big thank you’s to the girls, Sally, Polly, TK Maxx, and you guys who voted for me to be a finalist, thereby getting me a gorgeous pretty princess dress.  Now all you need to do is focus on me winning on friday, and if you want to check out my likely expressions, then see the video I made last week … 4 days and counting!  Whatever happens, you’ll get to see a picture of my gorgeous dress next saturday, even if I’m sulking because I didn’t win (only joking, I’m sure I won’t sulk; well maybe just a little bit!).

p.s. If you haven’t seen the advert and don’t know what TK Maxx is all about, then here it is for you.  Basically, they have designer kit in with massive discounts.

p.p.s Massive discounts on dresses that were over £2000 can still make a dress £500!  I picked up one dress that the eagle eyed Sally pointed out was way over our agreed price limit with TK Maxx.  They did kindly offer to lend it to me, but really I did ever so well with the dress I got for 10 times less, so do remember to check the price tags, unless you are very rich, in which case; have fun!

Sparkle Tips: Worrying about wearing a bikini? Four Top Tips for Losing 7lbs In 7 seconds

I know that everyone is a sucker for a ‘Lose xxx pounds in xxx ridiculous time’ so I couldn’t resist this one!

I’ve just got back from holiday, where I did a lot of worrying about myself in a bikini, until I realised that there is a HUGE advantage to going on holiday to a family resort that particularly works for younger kids;  There are a lot of Mums, who inspired a highly unscientifically proved statistical report of the 90% of Mums with younger children have a bit of spare flesh going on; so I wasn’t doing as badly as I thought!

At this time of year though, it’s not the weight that bothers us, its what the weight looks like in a bikini.

So do you know how to immediately lose 7lbs?

1) Wear a Bikini

No wearing a swimming costume doesn’t work, we immediately assume that you are atleast half a stone heavier than you are, because you don’t want to show us your tummy.  If you are really concerned, go for a tanktini, roll it down when you are walking around and up when you are sun bathing.  Within a couple of days the suntan will have removed at least 2lbs from your tummy to cover the weight that you put on while you are on holiday.  But for now at least you haven’t gained any weight.

2) Choose a bikini with some serious boob support

No string affairs unless your boobs have withstood the effects of age and motherhood amazingly or you have had a boob job!  The minute you put on something with a bit of support there is suddenly more space between your boobs and your waist and you look miles better.  There is no harm in a bit of extra padding to move the eyes upwards away from the offending areas.  Weight Loss: 1lb.

3) Wear a pretty bikini with some colour and an attractive pattern

We immediately look at the bikini then, and ignore at least another pound of wobble.  No wearing a bland, plain, boring bikini doesn’t work by letting you blend into the background.  You just look bland, boring and wobbly, sorry.  Weight Loss: 1lb.


Stand up from the base of your spine.  Shoulders down.  Chin Up, move your head back a bit like there is a piece of string holding you up to the sky.  This removes a pound worth of weight from your double chin ;o)  Weight Loss: 1lb.

Tummy In.  Bottom In.  Tip your pelvis under to straighten your back.  Weight Loss 4lbs.

When sitting down, remember to keep your shoulders back and lengthen your body from your bottom.

And Voila 7lbs lost in the time it takes to put on a bikini and breathe in!


I’m kind of taking the mickey of all the diets that claim fast weight loss.  But there is a serious point.  I had trouble with my weight for years, especially as I had serious fertility issues.  But I can tell you categorically that you don’t need a diet and your kids deserve for you to take a healthy approach to losing weight if you decide to do so.  Check out my weight loss tips and get your head in the game if you decide that now is the time for a change.

I’m about to testdrive the Hotpants that got sent to me in the post, so I will let you know if they aid me in losing my final 7lbs in the next 2 weeks!

*Update one year on – I liked the hot pants but can’t really say that they helped me lose the 7lbs – I did manage it though*

Sparkling Tips: You Are Beautiful And Don’t Let Anyone Say You Aren’t

I’ve just read a really jaded piece in the daily mail by Julie Burchil saying that most of us will never be pretty and that the song in which Christina Aguillera says we are all beautiful is partly to blame.  It’s the perfect thing to put a dampner on an already wet and miserable day.

But I disagree whole heartedly.

You are beautiful.

But beauty is different from pretty, so mixing those words up in her article is what makes it so wrong.

Pretty is not beauty.  Yes pretty is mainly about out looks, and is a simpering, rather silly thing.  Personally I wouldn’t have wanted to be ‘pretty’, because all the ‘pretty’ women I know have grown up to be high maintenance, irritating women who have had to watch the ‘pretty’ drain away in the mirror day by day.

Beauty is something deeper and more inspirational.  It’s something that we feel about a person when we see them, and it isn’t ruled by only their physical looks.  Remember this statue of the mother Alison Laper with no arms and legs?  I found it beautiful in a tear inspiring kind of way.  But it’s certainly not the traditional ‘pretty’.

Julie is quite right, you certainly can’t look particularly beautiful if you are really jaded.  Because our emotional state of being shows in our face.  I’ve joked in the past about watching your general facial expressions because when the wind blows it might catch you and that’s what you are going to look like forever.  But it’s pretty true, because the lines on your face will show whether you laughed or frowned more often.  For those who don’t know me well, I’m a huge fan of ‘counting your blessings’, and I’m pretty sure that someone who appreciates their life will look more beautiful than someone who doesn’t.

You don’t have to become a shallow simpering idiot who is a slave to the beauty industry to be beautiful.  You don’t have to be slim to be beautiful.  The woman who inspired my ‘worrying about wearing a bikini’ post, was definitely over weight, but several times over the course of the holiday I told her how beautiful she looked, because to me she really did.  During the day she was just wearing a bikini and shorts/Tshirt.  But in the evening she took the time to put on a pretty dress that suited her, added some sparkly clips to her hair and jewelry, and a dash of makeup.

It is not a ‘new’ thing to want to make the most of ourselves, so we can’t blame the beauty industry.  It’s a huge part of our human nature for women and men to want to look their best, like the Peacock showing off to get a mate.  Trying to be anything other than human is naive and ignoring an important part of who we are.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: so you can be beautiful to some people, just never everyone.  Frankly I think that most models are very unattractive.  Remember the ‘popular’ girls at school?  When I looked back I thought they were gorgeous, but actually many weren’t.  So you don’t have to have the perfect face to be beautiful either.  It’s about making the most of what you’ve got.  Not every hour of the day, but enough to make you feel like you took care of yourself a little and you are willing to not disappear into the grey background of mundane suburban mumness.  My son thinks my stomach is beautiful, in all it’s glorious wobbliness.

As always it is about using discernment and balance.  You will always be beautiful to someone, so why not show it and acknowledge it.  Just don’t be ruled by the need to attain ‘pretty’.  ‘Pretty’ is purely a looks thing, and that is something that only a few will have.  ‘Beauty’ is a glow, something difficult to describe, which comes from good nutrition, hydration, exercise, balanced emotional health and a bit of taking care of yourself.  Gok Wan (one of my huge heroes, who I would love to meet one day, hint hint PR people), has managed to make EVERY single one of the women on his program look beautiful.

Add to that a strong sense of who you are and what your ‘purpose’ in life is, and I know that your beauty will shine very strongly.  Just think of people like the Dalai Lama or Mother Theresa, who just had that amazing ‘something’.

Our lives will have both beauty and ugliness in them.  Don’t hide the beauty.  Don’t hide from the ugly.  Face both squarely and see both, because otherwise you are looking at the world with only one of your eyes.

Sparkle Tips: Worrying About Wearing A Bikini?

For years I have worried about wearing a bikini, so much so that it put me off beach holidays.

Add to that the fact that hairy northern hubby and I didn’t gell so well on beach holidays; I liked lots of romantic attention and sunbathing/reading and he liked ‘doing’ stuff.  So for years we did things like snowboarding instead.

I approached our first family summer beach holiday with some huge trepidation.

Are you worrying about yourself in a bikini?  I was.  But you don’t need to!

‘Why?’ you might ask?

Because you are going on holiday with the family means there will be a pile of other Mums there too, and from what I could see around the pool we are pretty much all in the same boat.  Phew!

Here is my summary of what I saw …

– Skinny Mums – 2% – hardly anyone has managed to remain skinny after motherhood.

– Slim Gym Toned Mums – 8% – There were a few, and all but one had children of school age.  It proved that there is a clear change in how much time is available for exercise after the kids all go to school.  So it’s a matter of being realistic about where we are now and where we will be in a few years time.

– Look OK In Clothes, but a bit wobbly around the edges in a bikini – 30% – Loads of Mums fitted this category.  They looked fab in the evenings, weren’t particularly over weight, but probably had one problem area that was causing them some worry.  In a few years time they will either sort it out, or decide it’s really not worth the gym time for a small gain of half a stone.

– Still Got Some Baby Weight – 30% – Loads of Mums fitted this category.  They tended to have kids under 6yrs old, and they were carrying just a little excess weight.  It was the choice of bikini and dresses that affected what they looked like though, not the weight.  If you are here and would like to get to ‘Look OK in Clothes’ then check out my weight loss tips; I lost 2.5 stone following them after Little Dimples and 4stone years ago.

– Overweight – 20% –  Some Mums had more weight than could be explained away by the effects of child birth, or hitting the biscuit cupboard after kids.  But they could still look fabulous in the evening, and the ones who did were following the kinds of tips that I give in my sparkle tips.

– Obese – 10% – There were a few very overweight Mums.  If you are in this category, then I know you will worry, but there are still a couple of reasons why you don’t need to.  Firstly there will always be someone more overweight than you.  Secondly, why on earth do you care about what other people think?  Most of us notice briefly and then go on with our lives.  The people who are bothered by it and don’t want to be your friend because of it are still in the minority.  Plus, it doesn’t mean that you can’t look gorgeous.  It just means that your health could be improved, that’s all.

So if you are worrying about going on holiday, just remember that now that you are a Mum you are going to be surrounded by a pile of other Mums, and most will have the same problem.

You might also like my post on how to look fabulous in a bikini and lose 7lbs in 7seconds ;o) – it really works!



Sparkle Tips: Hair Accessories

Welcome to my first Sparkle Tip, yay!  It’s also the official announcement of my new book which will be available from September called ‘Six Weeks To A Sparkling You’.  At the moment my lovely guinea pigs are just making sure that it really is as simple as possible for you.  I’ll be giving you loads more information as the next months go on though, but it was basically born out of my realisation that worse than having a problem is feeling like you don’t have enough time, energy, space or money to deal with a problem.

I can’t take credit for this weeks tip, it was actually inspired by my lovely hairdresser Toni in my hair dressers ‘The Cutting Room’ in Radlett (there you go Toni, a plug for you, just like I promised!).  Toni was the only brave hairdresser to ever try to give me a medium length hair cut.  As my hair has a tendency to look like a bush, this was no mean feat; in the past I have either gone for very long or very short in order to try and control it!

But more than that Toni taught me the power of the hair clip.  Before that I didn’t realise that we are meant to wear hair clips, and that our hair doesn’t have to stay in place all on it’s own.  Plus I hadn’t thought about the added bonus on a tired day of having a bit of sparkle in my hair.

The great thing is what a cheap option they can be (beware expensive ones that are just trying to tempt more money out of you!).  My favourites are the sparkly bow, and the little white flowers.  I’ve also got a couple of bigger flowers, which are great for adding a dash of colour on a day when I’m tired or need a pick me up.  Or maybe you are going to a party?  Then definitely add a pretty something to your hair.  We do it for our daughters don’t we?

Well, have fun with it and remember that you deserve a bit of sparkle in every day of your life!

Weight Loss Tips For Mums

Weight Loss Tips No11: Dress for self-worth

Hopefully by following my 12 months worth of tips, you are now loads fitter and slimmer, but have you broken the pattern of not feeling good about yourself?

Now you know that it wasn’t the weight really that made you unhappy with how you looked don’t you?

It was how you felt about yourself.

If not you need a hair cut, and a shopping trip to give you a boost.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive shopping trip, but if you are on a very fixed budget, then make sure you do a lot of planning first and check out all your favourite shops on the internet.  It’s not that ‘we are what we look like’, so your hair cut and your clothes don’t really matter.  However how we treat ourselves is important and if you are treating yourself like a second class citizen in comparison to the rest of the household, then that is how you will feel.

Go and get some makeup tips and have a free makeover, just don’t take your credit card so that you can’t be encouraged to buy anything!  I bet it’s been ages since you rethought your make up heh?

Oh and bin all the saggy and mis-coloured under wear! Just because you are the only one who sees it, doesn’t mean that it needs to be ‘practical’ or unattractive’.  Pretty lace underwear is not more expensive that the ugly stuff we often buy!

Do all this and you’ll feel like you lost half a stone over night, because your clothes will fit you better, and you’ll feel better about yourself.  Then you’ll stand up properly, and walk tall!

Well done on your progress so far!

For those of you who have got a little stuck, then remember to look back over the rest of the tips, but I will post something soon on how to get over a dip.

If you find these tips helpful, feel free to sign up for my RSS feed, or subscribe by email, tell your mates, and join my facebook fan page.

I’m yummy and you are too – it’s official!

It has been officially announced this week that I am a Yummy Mummy!  And the source and reason means that you are too ;o)

I’ve never had a problem with the title ‘Yummy Mummy’, it’s just that looking around me in St Albans, I never classed myself as such, because there’s a hell of a lot yummier around!  I was a bit in awe of how they managed it, but not worried about not getting there myself.

Then when Curly Headed Boy started going to nursery in a place called Radlett nearby, I met the true Yummy Mummies, which was initially very scary and intimidating.  But it’s OK, I can forgive them for being Yummy, as they have become fab friends and very forgiving of my not quite making it in the Yummy Stakes.

However, that all changed this week as Curly Headed Boy has officially announced that I am Yummy!

The reason?

Because ‘does yummy rhyme with Mummy?’, ‘Yes’, ‘well then you are definitely Yummy Mummy’!!  So there is it, because Yummy rhymes with Mummy, I am now officially dubbed yummy by my 5yr old son!

This also means that you are yummy too!

He maybe a little biased I admit, but even though he is now 5, he still thinks I’m gorgeous naked.  In fact I think he will be strongly disappointed when I get my act together and lose the cuddly bits.

So, in lieu of me being officially yummy, I now pass on the title of yummy to you too.  Go out there and embrace your yumminess, because there are always people who think you are yummy, you just need to hear them.  Grab a little lip gloss, and a tinted moisturiser and be girly for a week!